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North America

Resident Evil 0

by Jeff Shirley - May 23, 2002, 9:05 am EDT

Open the door... ARGH! ZOMBIE!

Resident Evil 0 was featured in Nintendo’s booth, and the first thing I saw while waiting for my turn was that the game is absolutely beautiful. The “still shot” pre-rendered backgrounds of the past are over. All of the pre-rendered backgrounds I saw moved. And I don’t mean just candles flames and grass. The demo of RE:0 took place on a train that was going full steam, which caused all of the windows looking out of the train to show the speed of the train through slanted rain. Other graphical touches were present in the kitchen, where and overflowing sink made a couple of the onlookers mouths agape, and a frying pan with some hamburgers and a spatula in it twitch as if being in a train car moving quickly through the countryside. The characters are well designed, even though the only new character design is Billy Cohen. Rebecca Chambers looks like her Resident Evil GC remake model, which would make sense, as the two games take place over two days.

New gameplay features include the ability to drop items anywhere. NO MORE ITEM BOXES. The downside to doing a lot of this is that the level structure may change, disallowing your access to previous areas, so if you left something important over there, you may end up screwing yourself. The full version should have more details. Also included is a partner system, which seems to allow you to tag along another gun with you through zombie infested train cars. Multiple zombies attack you at the same time, which means 3 zombies could ambush you and they would all get to take a bite, increasing the difficulty tremendously. The control scheme was standard Resident Evil, and it was not optional to change the controls to the very good “R move” scheme from the RE remake.

It is hard to get fearful of a game when the lights are on and there are upwards of 20 people looking on, however RE:0 should be a scary game when you turn off the lights in your own room later this year.

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Genre Adventure
Developer Capcom

Worldwide Releases

na: Resident Evil 0
Release Nov 10, 2002
jpn: BioHazard 0
Release Nov 21, 2002
eu: Resident Evil 0
Release Mar 10, 2003

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