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North America

Game Boy Advance

by Michael Cole - April 24, 2001, 8:19 pm EDT

Yes, TYP got the import GBA, and no, he did not have to sell Water Works.

Well, I finally got my mitts on a GBA. Yeah, it took me a little while, but now I’m playin’ in style with my white wonder. I know you’ve heard it a million times, but this thing is SMALL. The carts are even smaller…. They need to put a “hazard, keep out of reach from small children” sticker on those things! GBC games look funky when stretched out, and you can get a little amusement by quickly changing back and forth between wide screen and normal. You can finally make Mario fatter than Luigi in SMBDX now! Yey!

OK… let’s get back to the future of handheld gaming. At first I had trouble holding it. Remember—I’m not some big shot that got to visit a show where there was a plethora of GBAs, so this is a real first impression (cough, Billy, cough.) Anyways, after fiddling around a little, people with big hands will discover that the best way to hold it is so that there is a little pocket of room I like to call “the phantom GB syndrome.” You other fingers may get sore at first, but I quickly adapted. Trust me—you’ll adapt (unless, of course, you aren’t alive.) Why is it so important that you hold it this way, you ask? It’s because there won’t be enough room for the screen any other way.

The thing is quite a wonder, though I don’t think I’ll ever understand why Nintendo chose to put the Start and Select buttons on the left side… Keep a cloth handy for fingerprints the first few times you play it ;-) The sound is very good (as long as you have headphones,) and it will improve even more as programmers and musicians learn how to harness the power in the soap bar—er, I mean portable—that is the Game Boy Advance.

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Developer Nintendo

Worldwide Releases

na: Game Boy Advance
Release Jun 11, 2001
aus: Game Boy Advance
Release Jun 22, 2001

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