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Arc Rise Fantasia

by James Jones - June 17, 2010, 3:28 am EDT
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It's finally hands on time with Ignition's latest Japanese import, in the absolute worst environment imaginable.

Arc Rise Fantasia came out in Japan a year ago. At E3 2010, I got my first chance to play the game.

The first section I was shown was the tutorial portion. The battle system let me choose to use physical attacks, magic, or special skills. Each party member has their own expendable skill points, which they use when attacking. However, the entire party also has a pool of points that they all draw from with each action in a turn.

The battle screen.

Each turn, you're able to assign actions until you decide to execute your orders or you run out of energy. I found it difficult to get a real handle on how to work the battle system. However, being thrust into the action on the show floor could be as likely a reason for this difficulty as the game itself.

The second portion of the game had me running around a town, overrun with enemies, along with a full contingent of allies. I was able to avoid many battles where as others managed to get me. After working my way through town I confronted a boss who didn't seem particularly difficult. Then I died.

Tokyo Game Show 2008: I just played the demo, and I already don't like this guy.

The game looks colorful but a but a bit jagged at the edges (literally).

Hopefully some extended hands on time with this game will clarify it's workings; it comes out July 20.


broodwarsJune 17, 2010

What, no mention of the godawful dub, or did they not bring the translated version to E3?  :cool;

It is God awful, but I could barely hear it over the BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM

LJKKJLCM9June 19, 2010

I thought this game was pushed back til July....


You're right.  July 20.  Fixing.

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Worldwide Releases

na: Arc Rise Fantasia
Release Jul 20, 2010
PublisherIgnition Entertainment
jpn: Arc Rise Fantasia
Release Year 2009
PublisherMarvelous Entertainment
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