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North America

Nintendo 3DS

by Aaron Kaluszka - June 15, 2010, 11:35 am PDT
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A brief first look at the 3D handheld.

The question everyone has been asking: is the 3D really that good? Yes. While Nintendo only had a graphics tech demo to show after the press conference, upon approaching the system, it became evident how well the technology works. The screens are bright, and the 3D truly does pop. While the 3D of course doesn't work from all angles, it does have a significant range meaning holding the unit shouldn't be much of a problem, and it works in a range of distances as well. A slider reminiscent of the Virtual Boy allows you to adjust the stereoscopy from completely 2D to fully 3D.

The system appeared more compact than the DS Lite. The 3DS also includes an analog slider control above the D-pad. While the sliding mechanism makes the control flat, it definitely does not feel like an analog stick, so controls may need to be adapted accordingly.

Nintendo 3DS graphics demo: Link

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