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Resident Evil: Revelations Raid Mode

by Zachary Miller - February 20, 2012, 4:52 pm PST
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Here's your primer for our upcoming Community Night!

Resident Evil: Revelations has an addictive new game mode called “Raid Mode.” It’s something like a combination of Mercenaries mode and Call of Duty’s multiplayer, in that you level up, acquire better weapons, and earn combat perks. While largely similar to the main game—even to the point of using the same maps—Raid Mode challenges players to take a specific, customizable loadout and blow through a given stage, with an ever-increasing number of enemies, in the fastest time possible. Once you clear the first 20 stages, you can replay them on the next difficulty level, and then once more on the hardest difficulty level (it is truly nightmarish). Raid Mode takes some getting used to, but in anticipation of our Community Night in the coming weeks, I thought it would be a good time to dole out a few things to keep in mind to make your journey through the Queen Zenobia easier.

Oh, shit!

Replay levels often, and early.

Nothing’s stopping you from going back to completed stages, even on easier difficulty levels, and blowing through them again with better weapons. You’re basically getting free experience and Shop money (BP), and you can often get Missions done in the meantime. “Kill specific enemy” missions net you a sweet BP bonus, so don’t miss an opportunity to revisit missions for that purpose specifically.

Make note of your weapon's ratings.

Like, on a piece of scrap paper. This saved me a lot of heartache when shopping in the store. Since the weapons change at random whenever you leave the shop, it will be good to know right away whether that shotgun is better or worse than your current shotgun. On some occasions, you can buy weapons that are one or two levels higher than your character’s level—it sure doesn’t hurt to buy them for the future. Notice that whenever you complete a mission, you’ll get at least one, but usually two new weapons. They are almost always inferior to your current stock.

Kill it with fire!

Weapon ratings > Perk slots.

If you find yourself having to choose between a handgun that does 5,145 damage with two perk slots and a handgun that does 4,870 damage with four perk slots, just go with the higher base rating. You can’t use two of the same perks on the same gun, so you can’t stack damage modifiers. Generally, I’ve found that an increased magazine size and good stopping power are lifesavers.

Perks are still important.

Don’t ignore perks. You won’t start getting crazy good perks until the end of the second difficulty and a little ways into Abyss, but you should still play with the perks you like. Shotguns get their own specific perks, and you should be aware that not every perk can be equipped with every weapon (for example, Lv. 3 Stopping Power can be equipped on a handgun, but not Lv. 4 and above). Know the limitations and customize your weapons to fit your play style and the situation. If I’m facing a very difficult mission, I’m not above messing around with different perk strategies.

Unfortunately, non-mutated Rachel is not available as a character in Raid Mode.

Mix up your arsenal.

While it’s easy to fall into a familiar weapon routine, Raid Mode’s higher difficulty levels will demand experimentation. Magnums are insanely powerful, sure, but their fire rate is atrocious, and when the “speedy” enemies start cropping up left and right, magnums suddenly become a liability. I always take a powerful handgun wherever I go, and a good machine gun is incredibly useful, but that last weapon slot tends to flip between a rifle and a shotgun on the tougher missions. The rocket launcher may look sexy, but keep in mind it’s a single shot, it takes the place of an entire gun, and on Abyss difficulty, it won’t make a dent on what you think you’ll need it for.

Extra storage? Why bother?

Since you don’t need two of any weapon type in your inventory at one time, there’s little reason to invest a hundred thousand BP’s on more weapon storage. When I start getting new weapons in my inventory, I just trash the inferior ones and keep the better ones.

Restocking is important.

Especially once you start toddling into the highest difficulty level, it becomes incredibly important to restock all your grenade types, ammo, and possibly herbs between missions in the store. You’ll also want to invest in ammo and grenade bags, which increase maximum ammo/grenade capacity. These are expensive investments, but they’re priceless when you’re faced with a room full of enemies. If you need some extra cash, go replay an earlier, easier level. Do not underestimate the value of restocking!

Legendary weapons aren't necessarily great weapons.

There are four “Legendary” weapons: the High Roller, Drake, Muramasa, and Pale Rider. They all look fancy but you’ll either earn or buy better weapons before too long. It’s true that, usually, a Lv. 22 Drake is rated better than a Lv. 22 Windham Shotgun, but Legendaries crop up so rarely that they shouldn’t really factor into whether you keep them or not. Be sure to buy one of each, though—you’ll get a completed mission for that.

Jessica's wetsuit designer was having an off day.

Know thy enemy.

Raid Mode’s enemies come in different varieties than in the main game. They level up, too, and the highest-level enemies are in the Abyss difficulty (not surprisingly). Leveled-up enemies have greater attack power and higher HP. In addition, there are enemy variations: big tall enemies with shield or fist icons by their heads indicate exponentially higher defense or attack power, respectively. Tiny enemies move disturbingly fast and are marked with a blue “running man” icon. Very fast Ooze enemies aren’t as much of a problem as, say, very fast Scagdeads or Scarmiglions. In fact, when encountering fast Scarmiglions, try to shoot off their legs first—the resulting crawling torso is much easier to deal with than the unpredictable electric notochord. It’s also a good idea to learn how to dodge. I’m not very good at it, but it’s incredibly useful in getting through Draghignazzo fights on Abyss difficulty.

It’s arguably more important to learn where enemy weak points are. The Story mode doesn’t really teach you this, but you’ll figure it out pretty quickly in Raid Mode. If you ever get an opportunity, run up to a stunned enemy and whack them with a fully charged melee attack: it’s the most powerful weapon in your inventory (seriously).

Grenades for every situation.

Learn which grenades work and when: normal grenades are good for general crowd control but won’t have much of an effect on boss-type enemies. Shock grenades don’t do a lot of damage to most creatures but do a LOT of damage against water-based enemies, including Sea Creepers and Ghiozzos. B.O.W. decoys work great on everybody except Hunters, who don’t seem to care, but the ensuing explosion isn’t very powerful. B.O.W. decoys are best used (at higher difficulties) as distractions so you can get the hell out of there. Finally, the most useful type is the pulse grenade, which does NO damage at all, but stuns every affected enemy. This can be useful for distraction, but it can also be great for racking up some melee damage. Most characters can hit two or three closely packed enemies with a single fully charged melee strike.

THIS is a knife.

Your stabby-stabby weapon may seem completely useless, but don’t underestimate its damage potential. If you have the opportunity to get in close and don’t have time to initiate a good melee strike, start slicing and dicing. You’ll take off a respectable chunk of your opponent’s health bar. Just be sure to run away before the enemy retaliates!

For fun and BP.

Once you hit Lv. 40 (and you will), try going back through the first two difficulties. No, really: it’s a blast. Assuming your weapons are at about the same level you are, you’ll be killing even boss-type monsters with just a few shots. It’s incredibly fulfilling, it adds to your total mission count (complete 100 for a bonus), and you’ll stock up on BP, perks, and bragging rights. Then you’ll move on to Abyss, and your feelings of empowerment will go RIGHT down the tubes.

Because Abyss is insanely hard.



oohhboyHong Hang Ho, Staff AlumnusFebruary 20, 2012

HAHAHAHA. BP is worthless, seriously once you're quarter way into Abyss, BP is a non-issue not that there is anything you want to buy in the shops.


Weapon ratings > Perk slots.

This is so wrong and only true on Chasm difficulty.

Perks is way more important than weapon damage unless it is low for the same weapon line/type. Having a higher damage might save you some ammo, but accurate shooting, utility and DPS is far more important, all things perks can give you. Stun locking the final boss in mad banquet as well as penetrating even through normally invincible areas make perks far more useful than just damage. It makes most bosses a joke. Perks let you break the game and you haven't found the even higher level mods.

Oh and look out of purple names, they have completed all the levels to S rank at Abyss difficulty. In missions, it is named "Honor color 3".

Play the highest level you are comfortable with, replaying older levels will not give you better loot and all the best loot can only be found in game, not in the shop. The shop it the worse place to get weapons and only there as a source of last resort should you roll really bad loot continuously.

Magnums become obsolete at the highest levels, the rifles do much better in every way except for very close quarters. The Pale rider, the legendary Magnum is god awful since it has a mandatory animation that is slow and makes any subsequent shots inaccurate unless you wait for it to settle. High rollers are terribly slow and never have enough slots even with the slightly higher damage, they have terrible DPS. they are so slow you might as use a PSG1 as an automatic. The P90 is the true legendary weapon for automatics. I kept thinking that there wasn't a legendary automatic because the high rollers suck so much.

The Drake, Muramasa are the only legitimately legendary weapons as they are better than the weapons they replace. The Muramasa can be so good that it replaces the magnum.

Play with as many different people as you can as that is the only way to can clear the Infection missions which have the best rewards.

The Knife is only is only useful in Chasm and Trench to use against those fish type nasties. Later just toss a shock nade as it can clear a room of fish.

For S ranks, time is not a factor. The rank is determined as a ratio of enemies killed to damage taken and it's fairly forgiving.

Oh, for the love of god please stop using rapid fire weapons on the sword and shield enemies torsos. That stun pod on legs is undodgeable and can and will stun lock you into an embarrassing death. Shot them in the legs or use charge attacks.

Lastly Abyss is piss easy.

monoxzideFebruary 21, 2012

what horrible advice by the writer of this..obviosly they have no idea how to play the game..especially if they think perks dont matter over base power..* facepalm..and abyss being insanely difficult?..seriously?..he must suck at these games  ;D

ejamerFebruary 21, 2012

Love how some people think that gaming "skillz" gives them free reign to be jerks.

I don't necessarily agree with the advice given either - the perks vs base damage seems especially questionable after you've gotten to higher levels - but since this is written with newbs in mind maybe that's not such a big deal.  Maybe it's also possible for other people to give opinions or make corrections without sounding like a pompous ass?

(edited for grammar)

oohhboyHong Hang Ho, Staff AlumnusFebruary 21, 2012

It's not that Zach's advice is outright bad and normally, for most games it's fair advice. Unfortunately he reached his conclusions prematurely before the game dynamics go out the window while missing out on some very obvious gameplay mechanics.

Starting with Trench difficulty, the game heavily hints at the changing dynamic with more wacky custom parts that do more than raise an arbitrary stat. Unfortunately they don't explain themselves very well and require experimentation to divine their effects so you can almost be forgiven for not using them in favor of the more transparent mods and "More damage than mod slots" weapon builds.

While I don't expect a GameFAQ level of obsessive observation, he should have noted the transitions between levels with the evolving play styles of other players. It's gameplay darwinism in action with certain weapons getting phased out of use like G36, AUG and High Rollers for MP5/P90 as players transition away from ammo saving single shot damage to Perks/Rate of Fire/DPS/Utility with increasingly liberal use of throwables naturally rising from increased capacity.

I can't fault Zach's intentions on what should have been good advice, but the worse thing I could say about this is that he was premature with his article as a majority of his assumptions do not hold true in the long run.

I wrote this at Lv. 46. I've actually found that Abyss becomes much easier the farther I get in it, and I credit my weapon selection/perk bonuses entirely. I've replaced my handgun with the Pale Rider and it takes most Ooze enemies down in a single hit, assuming I find space to use it (given the mentioned animation). Right now I'm rocking an insanely powerful Pale Rider, Windham Shotgun, and High Roller. The only reason I like that High Roller is because it's very damaging and one of its perks guarantees a stun on most enemies.

I got to Lv. 50 today--very disappointed by the "reward" for that (body armor! Quint!). I can't play people online unless I'm at a friend's house, unfortunately: my router still has issues connecting to online players. Sorry if any of this is "bad" advice, but it's all gotten me through Raid Mode without much issue.

And, for the record, I will ALWAYS go with higher base damage potential. I always have, in Pokemon, in RPG's, in whatever.
Actually, this will be a great postscripto: Everybody list their current "best" weapons, including stats and perks. Here's my stuff:
Handgun Government
F: 5140, AF: 0.75; C: 17
Load Capaicty +70%; Damage +20%
High Roller
F: 2488, AF: 0.40; C: 56
Load Capacity +80%; Stopping Power +300%; Damage +20%
Pale Rider
F: 38,251, AF: 0.27, C: 11
Load Capacity +70%; Damage +20%; Stopping Power +250%
Shotgun Windham
F: 2070; AF 0.96; C: 16
Scatter -12; Stopping Power +300%
Rifle M40A1
F: 15,163; AF 1.20; C: 16
Damage +20%
Am I missing out by not playing online? I'm pretty happy with most of my weapons, but I'd appreciate advice.

oohhboyHong Hang Ho, Staff AlumnusFebruary 21, 2012

Ah, now I understand why you gave your advice as you did. Online is very different to single player since there are a lot more enemies and dealing with lag is a feature, not a bug! Also with a second player, you can run through levels more quickly and when one picks up a Custom part or kills a Zoidberg that drops ammo, both players get it, which means you can cycle through the possible loot a lot faster.

Here are my current items I am using. The numbers are for after mods are applied. To get base damage you will need to divide. ie: 20% mod you divide by 1.2 to get base damage.

P90 F:2025 AF:8 CAP:150
Damage 20%
Stopping power 300%
Piercing  1
Critical  32%

Muramasa (Rifle) F: 30922 AF: 0.75 CAP: 8
Load Capacity 100%
Damage 25%
Charge shot 4
2 shot burst
Distant Hit 45%

G18 F: 2276 AF: 3.87 CAP: 72
Load Capacity 100%
Stopping power 300%
Piercing  1
Close hit 45%
Critical 45%

Drake (Shotgun) F:2158 AF: 1.25 CAP: 10
Charge shot 3
Scatter -12
Load Capacity 100%
Stopping power 300%
Piercing  1
Critical 32%

Magnum L.Hawk F:23539 AF: 0.9 CAP: 16
Charge shot 4
2 Shot Burst
Damage 20%
Load Capacity 100%

Note the charge shots on the power weapons like the Magnum and the Rifle. Charge shot 4 is a Piercing attack which will hit multiple Draghignazzos/bosses/enemies even in front shield and will automatically cause a stagger regardless of stopping power as it multiples damage 3 times over resulting in a 90000(3 rocket launchers) point hit from the rifle excluding distance and the second bullet. But subsequent shots are not armor piercing should you use the burst mods.

The shotgun only gets charge 3 as that is my riot weapon for really close levels where ammo "maybe" more of a concern that I can charge quickly to send flying anything non-boss or sword/shield guys which will only knockback. For the shotgun it is per pellet damage and there are 12 pellets. Note no damage mod!

The P90 does a staggering 16000 points of damage per second out damaging the magnums with out even considering critical, head shots and hitting multiple enemies for almost 20 seconds of continuous fire. It is a favored weapon to take on the final boss as it can stun lock the final boss assuming the other player is using almost any other weapon with a bit of lucky timing. The high Roller can barely do 1000 points a second. Your own pistol out damages your High Roller in every way! Just slap the stopping power on your pistol instead and get a real auto weapon. I can shot 20 times faster than you and with the mod only do 20% less damage than you per bullet in flat damage. In the time I empty my mag I have done 303750 points of flat damage in 18.75 seconds while in that same amount of time you have done 18660 points of flat damage while it takes you 140 seconds to empty your gun for only 139328 points of damage. I could go on but the High roller is a really bad weapon and I have only seen a handful of people ever use it. I did experiment with adding a rate of fire mod on the P90, but I wasn't too sure it was registering all my hit anymore and it was using way too much ammo at that point with questionable benefit.

The G18 pistol is that same as the P90 except I only use it to mess around. My pistol will not beat your pistol's damage on a given shot, but on average I will out damage you at any given moment in most situation. It has one utility that might be worth considering as you can pull this out when knocked down to keep shooting final stand style. However most of the time it is far better simply to just get up than to use the pistol while on your ass. Pistols are one of the weapons where your advice does hold some water, but pistols can't be used as a primary weapon unlike in RE4.

I don't even have some of the more broken weapon builds out there like the fully automatic PSG1 or the Auto bolt action rifles. Some of these build do burn a lot of ammo, but it is no longer a real concern at higher levels or unless you doing a full ghost ship run which can take a long time and/or you're a poor shot/miss targeting which weapon causing too much over kill.

That said, all the loot have upper and lower bounds to their damage stats, capacity and slot numbers. Auto fire (AKA rate of fire)never changes between weapons of the same line. Also Auto fire doesn't take into account some special weapons like bolt action rifles and the Pale rider which have mandatory animations that disobey the auto fire stat.

With the amount of damage so overwhelming I don't need to kite anything not a boss. Sure, your doing more damage per bullet, but when I can do more damage in 4 seconds than you can do in a whole minute, counting individual bullets like this is survival horror is the poor way to play raid mode. Raid mode is an action game with RPG elements.

I am not sure whether you can get every piece of gear from single player, as the infection missions incite you to play with as many random different people as you can by providing parts that are either ultra rare or maybe not obtainable from drops. So to answer that last question, yeah, you're missing a lot from not going online from mods to to having a second player, lots of extra enemies and learning tactics from other players.

I have trouble going online myself, but placing the 3DS in to DMZ in the router settings resolves the problem most of the time. Sometimes you have to flip that setting on and off to get it connected. Unfortunately no one has found what the port numbers to the 3DS are yet meaning you can't port forward to provide a more permanent and stable solution to the problem.

ejamerFebruary 22, 2012

Question for anyone playing Raid Mode:

So far I've only gone in solo because I'm still on the easiest difficulty level and the "challenge" isn't finishing a level but getting the S ranking no later than my second try.  Is it worth trying online play, even for these easy levels?  The loot and perks would be better... but presumably anything I earn now will be replaced once I get to tougher levels anyway. I was kind of waiting to see things get tougher before rounding up an online buddy.  (oohhboy mentions there are more enemies that way, so maybe the difficulty is automatically raised when you have more people?)

Quote from: oohhboy

I can't fault Zach's intentions on what should have been good advice, but the worse thing I could say about this is that he was premature with his article as a majority of his assumptions do not hold true in the long run.

(For what it's worth, my post wasn't a response to you.)

oohhboyHong Hang Ho, Staff AlumnusFebruary 22, 2012

S ranking everything in a given difficulty level only gets you an Honor color on your name. Green for Chasm, Blue for Trench, Purple for Abyss. There is no real reason not to go online if you can as it helps you finish the levels faster by splitting up, get more BP/EXP from more kills and you get to observe other players play styles. Also you can get a cheap laugh or two as they/you die a cheap death. There are also the infection missions that get you primo items well before you ever see them in drops.

The lower difficulties are there to ease you into Abyss mode. Online I was gaining a level per finished level just playing them one after another and I didn't bother buying ammo until about 3/4 of the way into Trench. So you can just come back and demolish them at your pleasure.

Do not buy guns/mods with BP or play coins unless you have a shit load of both. Drops are always better. You can get an ok weapon from the shop, but the game never offers the best weapons in shop.

Although I am not sure anymore but an S rank is needed to unlock the Ghost ship. Don't bother doing a Ghost ship run full or otherwise until you hit level 45 . You don't stand a chance to finish it before then to get the item bonanza at the end.

Quote from: ejamer

Quote from: oohhboy

I can't fault Zach's intentions on what should have been good advice, but the worse thing I could say about this is that he was premature with his article as a majority of his assumptions do not hold true in the long run.

(For what it's worth, my post wasn't a response to you.)

It's funny that my assumptions didn't hold out in the long run either as to why Zach wrote the article like he did. I assumed he wasn't playing the game very well or even averagely given a lot of what I said is blindingly obvious if you play online. I assumed he was giving his advice based on the assumption it was about online alone seeing as his advice was for an upcoming community night.

Although he doesn't excuse the fact he contradicts his own advice by using a High Roller for any length of time since he is doing it completely out of principle always going for highest based damage openly ignoring every other aspect of the game. The P90 compared to the High Roller reveals how unbalanced some of the item generation is. The P90 (Or even the MP5) compared to the High Roller has Aspects that can't be modded in like the stupid high rate of fire(20X), the massive clip size(3X-6X) which are basically free perks. All for 19% less damage per bullet which is more than compensated with criticals and piercing.

JRFebruary 22, 2012

Hello reader(s).

I personally try and match up my characters weapon mastery to whatever I am currently using. At the moment (Level 39), I'm using a Drake (Legendary Shotgun), Muramasa (Legendary Rifle) and a Handgun PC356, with stats listed below:

Handgun PC356
Level: 32.
Firepower: 2121 (Original: 1768).
Auto Fire: 1.04.
Capacity: 34.
Ammo: 240.
Slot 1: Damage +20%. Slot 2: Load Capacity +70%. Slot 3: Piercing +1. Slot 4: Critical +24%. Slot 5: Close Hit +30%. Slot 6: Hit Zone +400%.

Level: 17.
Firepower: 694 (Original: 579).
Auto Fire: 1.09.
Capacity: 6.
Ammo: 120.
Slot 1: Damage +20%. Slot 2: Scatter -6 degrees. Slot 3: Load Capacity +70%. Slot 4: 2-Shot Burst. Slot 5: Close Hit +30%.

Level: 12.
Firepower: 6589 (Original: 5681).
Auto Fire: 0.97.
Capacity: 7.
Ammo: 96.
Slot 1: Firing Rate +30%. Slot 2: Distant Hit +30%. Slot 3: Daze +30%. Slot 4: Load Capacity +60%. Slot 5: Damage +16%. Slot 6: Critical +24%.

I agree, in comparison to my level the weapon levels are very bad, but I focus on good perk slots AND good base ratings, and then compare them to my other weapons. I always stock up after every level if I have the BP to spare (i.e I don't have any ammo upgrades or body armor to buy) just in case I would run out with my leftovers from the previous level. I only use herbs when my health is low to make them last.

My character usually tends to be Chris (Ship/Costume 2) for the Rifle and Shotgun Mastery - being stuck in a crowd of infected reloading the shotgun would be the death of me. I have cleared Chasm and Trench (starting Abyss now), and I have almost completed the Ghost Ship with this weapon set. I also keep moving if I am using a weaker weapon (such as the Handgun) in order to avoid contact, and only use the rifle to kill enemies at a range (such as the Ooze mutations that fire bones, or if there is an enemy that hasn't detected me that is far away).

Depending on the quantity and quality of enemies in the area, I will resort to using grenades - usually B.O.W Decoys or Hand Grenades - in order to deal swift damage to a group of them, melee them when they are grouped up or fire the Drake at them to maximize damage output and save on resources from killing them individually.

I personally find Infected Rachael to be the most annoying enemy - she takes a lot of damage, and requires tactics to swiftly defeat. If I am online with someone, I will usually either get Rachael's attention and occupy her whilst my ally shoots away at her with either a rifle, magnum or shotgun, or the ally does the same.

All in all, my advice is to not use grenades on single enemies unless you are low on ammunition, group enemies up to swiftly kill them in groups, stock up every intermission, match up character mastery and weapons (Jill and a magnum, rifle and shotgun would be useless) and keep a distance from the enemy unless they are stunned.

Hope my advice helps anybody that reads, and I'll take any criticism about my strategy into account.

Joseph R.

oohhboyHong Hang Ho, Staff AlumnusFebruary 22, 2012

Toss the hit zone(Just shoot straight) on the pistol and swap it for stopping power and/or fire rate up if you also swap out the close hit. You be able to get a G18 or M92F with a lot of those parts built in for nearly the same damage by now.

If there is a shotgun that does more damage than your current Drake, use it. You can lose the 2 shot burst as the Drake can fire fast enough. Almost any shotgun you find now will be far better than what you have now even with fewer slots. Slap a charge shot 1 or 3 to put down/stun almost anything, scatter -12 the moment you get it. Piercing if you got it. It means you only need 3 slots to have a workable shotgun that is far better than what your currently packing.

For bolt actions, you also should be finding rifles that out class it. Lose the firing rate as bolt actions disobey that stat, lose the daze, lose the critical, You can lose the damage  16 with a better rifle even with fewer slots again. On the new rifle use a charge shot 2 or 4, Capacity  of some sort, an Out Range if you got it. A workable rifle only needing 2 -3 slots.

You have the opposite problem Halberd has where you have overly focused on slots rather than the underlying utility of each weapon class. I has meant you have thrown away lots of perfectly good weapon forgetting that as you level up and play harder levels the game will provide you with more weapons that will make your old weapons obsolete. Right now you have to play with what ever weapons the game gives you, which will limit your play style somewhat, so pick another character that has the reload bonuses for your good weapons.

Until your level 50 with level 50/40  gear, your weapons are going to dictate your play style.

Rachel is knockdown able, so charge a shotgun and send her flying then unload point blank into her in the head. Easy.

Your hand gun is currently your most powerful weapon right not that isn't a very close range shotgun blast. Your Muramasa is currently a liability. Swap it for a charged magnum for anti-boss. Don't be afraid to engage, bullets are cheap unless they are magnums rounds. Swap your pistol for an automatic like an MP5/P90 which has way more ammo in the magazine and in reserve, better rate and go to town on them since automatic bullets are cheap as chips.

The main lesson is that your weapons are horribly underpowered even without slot bonuses while mismanaging and mis-prioritised which mod bonuses are actually helping you. Otherwise your generally ok.

JRFebruary 23, 2012

Thanks for the advice - I had no idea the current strategy I had used had so many flaws, as it got things killed and therefore I just thought it worked. I'll definitely keep your advice in mind and I've gladly upgraded the weapons I was using before.

As for Rachael, I had noticed she was knockdown-able but my Drake didn't quite do it, so the new shotgun upgrades you listed should hopefully do wonders.

I was focusing on 4+ weapon slots and then the underlying utility, you're right. I won't stop using 4+'s, but I won't prioritize it either now. Focusing now on farming for a nice little charge for the rifle.

Once again, really glad for the feedback - should do wonders now (Definitely on outcome for restocks and low damage scores) for my playing. Currently plowing through Abyss on Co-op to help others as they go through it as well.

Just a few questions back:
A) Are the Close Combat / Grenade Mastery anything worth looking out for? Currently they seem like a wasted mastery to me, so some clarification there would be nice.
B) Is the Charge Shot upgrade required on every weapon (or at least, recommended)?
C) Charge Shot + Burst = Decent Combo on a Handgun?

Thanks for the advice (again, repetitive but true!).

Happy B.O.W killing!

- Joseph R.

JRFebruary 23, 2012

Just tested the Rachael + Shotgun method. Charge-Shot spamming her into the ground was so fulfilling and empowering, haha!

So far, all your other corrections have proven true as well.

Thanks again!

- JR.

KDR_11kFebruary 23, 2012

Seeing all this discussion about Raid mode makes me wonder: Who's using a circle pad pro and who's going with the default controls?

Also who DOESN'T have a huge surplus of play coins? How many other games even use the things? The only other game I have that uses play coins is Samurai Warriors.

I have yet to use a play coin for anything. I've been sitting at 300 for about 11 months now.

TJ SpykeFebruary 23, 2012

Quote from: KDR_11k

Also who DOESN'T have a huge surplus of play coins? How many other games even use the things? The only other game I have that uses play coins is Samurai Warriors.

Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition, Dead or Alive Dimensions, LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars, Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D, LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game, Super Monkey Ball 3D. Maybe others, not sure.

insano, you don't use them for Find Mii or Puzzle Mii?

oohhboyHong Hang Ho, Staff AlumnusFebruary 23, 2012

Quote from: JR

Just a few questions back:
A) Are the Close Combat / Grenade Mastery anything worth looking out for? Currently they seem like a wasted mastery to me, so some clarification there would be nice.
B) Is the Charge Shot upgrade required on every weapon (or at least, recommended)?
C) Charge Shot + Burst = Decent Combo on a Handgun?

A. While knife/nade damage doess scale up with your level, neither scale completely with knife/melee falling way behind. With nades, by end game you have so many of them it's not too much of an issue to throw a second one as needed when the bonus can be better applied to slow reloading weapons.

B. No. Only use them on your power weapons, weapons that do lots of single bullet damage, Magnums, rifle. Shotgun is different as it is an area attack which means having a charge attack on it is effective, but the charge attacks that also increase firepower take too long to charge for simple knock down effect, so only "short" charge mods should be used on shotguns.

C. No. The charge effect is only applied on the first bullet of a burst, subsequent bullets are normal. Later when you get long bursts (more than 2)you can place on a handgun, it maybe viable build on a high damage pistol as it ups the rate of fire to max in exchange for losing control, but pistols are pistols, machine guns are machine guns. If you're taking a pistol in place of a machine gun, maybe you should reconsider. Because this is a stat based game, not a skill based game like RE4 you can't pistol whip entire villages while wearing sunglasses indoors. DPS overrides per bullet damage for non-power weapons with shotguns existing in another category.

You can tell who is using CPPro when they adjust their aim mid movement and spam lines like thanks you and follow me. Using the CPpro should be a nice bonus, but it's not critical for this game. I am using default.

BP is so plenty full that using play coins even when maxed out is a waste. I have something like 5 million BP right now and there is nothing to spend it on other than ammo top ups. Anything good you can get are going to come from drops and missions meaning using a limited and "universal" currency is a waste unless your only using 10 a day or buying just one item. The function of the shop was to sell you upgrades as you leveled up as an easy method to inform the player that they were taking less damage, have more nade/herb space and be a BP sink initially before it runs out of things to sell.

Quote from: TJ

Quote from: KDR_11k

Also who DOESN'T have a huge surplus of play coins? How many other games even use the things? The only other game I have that uses play coins is Samurai Warriors.

Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition, Dead or Alive Dimensions, LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars, Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D, LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game, Super Monkey Ball 3D. Maybe others, not sure.

insano, you don't use them for Find Mii or Puzzle Mii?

I never really cared about Find Mii or the puzzles. Also, I'll probably clear through all that stuff at E3, so I don't really need to use coins for it. And Sonic Generations also supports play coins to unlock missions, which will probably be the first thing I use them for once I get around to that game.

Well, whatever I'm doing is working--I changed up my perks a little, and I've gotten through all of Abyss now. The only A-grade I have is Terragregia 2 (Episode 19). Everything else is an S. Screw ya'll!

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