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Linux on GameCube?
« on: January 20, 2004, 06:20:52 AM »
Not even Nintendo is safe from Linux geeks.

Do you remember that big fuss about Microsoft not liking the fact that some homebrewers managed to get the open-source Linux operating system up and running on the Xbox? Apparently, since that job is done, a bunch of people involved in the Xbox Linux project have moved on to greener pastures, or more specifically, they're trying to run the OS on a GameCube.

The theory behind the project is that since the GameCube is nothing more than a specialized computer with a Mac-based CPU (the PowerPC), it shouldn't be all that difficult to have Linux run on it, despite the differences between the GC and an Xbox, the most obvious of which is a hard drive.

Since no games are being copied, ripped or otherwise stolen, and the actual GameCube isn't being modifed in anyway, this project is technically legal to do under the DCMA's Reverse Engineering exception, or so the Linux people claim.

To read all about this project, click here.  

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