Author Topic: Second Independent Developer Accuses Publisher PQube Of Withholding Money And Rights  (Read 334 times)

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Given their location, this is starting to make PQube into Galarian Nicalis.

A third developer has come forward with accusations of improper business practices by frequent Switch publisher PQube.

Thailand-based Corecell Technology developed side-scrolling action game AeteronoBlade II, which was published in Europe by PQube in October 2019 (it was self-published in North America). According to Corecell, PQube only paid a small portion of the agreed-upon funds for the game's rights, and refused to turn over publishing rights following the agreement's termination in October 2020.

Currently, the game is not available on the European eShop though it can be purchased with North America-based accounts. Similar accusations of withholding funds and publishing rights were made by the Indonesia-based developers of the recently delayed A Space for the Unbound.

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