Author Topic: The Legend Of Heroes: Trails From Zero Enters Active Switch Duty September 27  (Read 827 times)

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So that's, oh, 165 hours of RPG in a month?

A new challenger has emerged for "longest JRPG of September" on Switch.

NIS America have announced their latest Legend of Heroes localization, Trails From Zero, will release on Switch on September 27 in North America and 30 September for Europe. The game was originally announced for worldwide release as part of developer Falcom's 40th anniversary celebration last summer.

The first of the "Crossbell" sub-series, Trails From Zero stars Lloyd Bannings, who returns to his hometown of Crossbell to join the local police department and ends up running into a mass of corruption. The follow-up, Trails to Azure, was previously announced for a "2023" release.

The story trailer for the localization:

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