Author Topic: Henchman Story Launching October 14, Features Storyline From Outer Worlds Writer  (Read 6379 times)

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It's more of a subversive adventure game than a subversive RPG.

A new twist on the life of a supervillain's henchman is coming to Switch in October, and it has writing talent experienced in subtle parody.

Henchman Story has confirmed a release date on Switch of October 14 in a new trailer (available below). It is an adventure game starring Stan, a down-on-his-luck henchman of the evil Lord Bedlam who has to try and survive while his boss sets out to destroy the world.

The writer, Marc Soskin, previously was involved in the writing of The Outer Worlds (Switch, 2020). Additionally, although not named publisher Top Hat is promising voice work from actors of My Hero Academia and A Hat In Time.

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