Author Topic: Episode 655: Bringing that Big Lindemann Energy  (Read 254 times)

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Episode 655: Bringing that Big Lindemann Energy
« on: January 12, 2020, 01:05:29 PM »

He didn't.

We had big plans for this week, much of which were scuttled by an emergency Jon deficiency. Normally, this would be a great tiding for any well-authored plan. Alas, today I stand alone in the desert testifying to all to look around and marvel at my great works.

Instead we kicked-off our show with a regular New Business. James starts it off with a deep dive into castaway life with Ys VIII. He might care for it, but the 20 hours in five days is an inconclusive metric. Greg gives an update on Space Invaders news (yes, a real thing in 2020) before leveraging his skills as an elite platform game player to bring us his impressions of New Super Lucky's Tale. Guillaume closes out New Business with Guacamelee! 2. Mixing brawler with Igavania produces...I don't know I'm pretty sure Iga's already run around E3 in a mask.

After a break we attempt to provide some coverage of the Pokémon Direct from earlier in the day. Pokémon is getting DLC, and also new-old Pokémon. All of these things are going to be controversial, and we need those sweet listens. This is now a for-profit podcast.

You won't believe two announcements from the Pokémon Direct!
Some people are very upset...

Am I doing this right?

Lastly, we try to salvage some portion of our plans with our Top 5 Games of 2019! Jon's absence means he will have to present them on his own, in front of the entire class. Please jeer him. A remarkable lack of overlap this year by the crew indicates the depth and breadth of quality software available in 2019.

Speaking of quality software, it's time for our next RetroActive! It's time for a fiat selection, and this time we're going with Rhythm Thief for Nintendo 3DS. Normally, we wouldn't announce it quite yet, since we're not planning to do it for a little while, but it's on sale in North America until January 16. Get it now! We'll have the RetroActive thread next week.

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