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Iceman, Cable, Jean Grey, and Gambit join the fray when the second DLC pack for Nintendo and Team Ninja's brawler hits.

The second DLC pack for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is entitled X-Men: Rise of Phoenix and will launch on December 23, as revealed during the pre-show of The Game Awards 2019.

The pack, second of the three in the season pass, includes Iceman, Jean Grey, Gambit, and Cable as new playable characters. All four previously made appearances in X-Men Legends and Marvel Ultimate Alliance. A new four-on-four multiplayer mode, called Danger Room, will let you fight friends and foes in competitive matches. Additionally, new Gauntlet missions will be added.

The third and final pack, a Fantastic Four-themed one called Shadow of Doom, is set for release in spring 2020.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 previously came out in July exclusively on Switch while the first DLC pack, Curse of the Vampire, came out earlier in the fall. Check out how our DLC speculation went and if you're ready to dive into Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, check out review. Lastly, for the history of preceding X-Men Legends series, here's a deep dive retrospective talking to some of the original developers.

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