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Another "Did You Know?" From Nintendo
« on: December 19, 2002, 07:57:16 AM »
Watch Nintendo toot its own horn about how well the GameCube and Game Boy Advance sold compared to the Xbox and PlayStation 2.

The first returns are in on holiday video game shopping...and the little elf called momentum has curled up right next to Nintendo. So, while our competitors pass along their side of the story, we thought you would appreciate hearing how the month of November really shook out…  

  • The November NPD report of sales data from American retailers shows that Nintendo GameCube jumped more than three full percentage points in next generation console share...while Playstation 2 increased two percentage points...all at the expense of Microsoft’s Xbox...which lost five points of the market.  
  • Unit sales of Nintendo GameCube and Microsoft’s Xbox were dead even in November (468,000 units each) – despite Microsoft giving away two free games with their hardware.  
  • Nintendo GameCube also showed the biggest jump in software sales, climbing more than 150% over October totals...compared to 97% for the Xbox and 48% for PS2.  
  • With the smash entry of Metroid Prime, Nintendo GameCube is on track to have four new titles this year eclipse one half-million unit sales, while no new Xbox title has yet to reach that mark Both Metroid Prime for GCN (#2) and Metroid Fusion for GBA (#10) appeared among the top ten sellers for all game sales in November.  
  • With sell through of 1.3 million units, Game Boy Advance was as popular in November as Playstation 2. Game Boy represents 33% of the total hardware market.  Nintendo held 46% of the total hardware share for the month of November, an increase of 11% over October. Sony held 42% (-6%) while Microsoft held only 12% (-5%).

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