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He Almost Made It...
« on: December 16, 2002, 08:31:48 AM »
Billy may be out for a couple days due to an unfortunate accident.  Come see the gory details.

Billy never made it back from Nintendo’s Zelda Gamers’ Summit.  Well at least, not yet.  I was terribly worried, so I e-mailed Rick Powers, whom Billy was staying with for the rest of the weekend, and according to him, there was a little problem at NOA.  Ok, I wasn’t really that worried, but the bastard has our copy of Zelda, and I want to play.

Rick told me Billy got a little too hopped up on these Jones Star Fox Adventures Green Soda things that Nintendo served during lunch, and got somewhat crazy.  Supposedly he decided to make a stealth-like diversion during the tour of NOA, and ran into a slight problem.

So I kitty-hacked into the NOA security cameras, and now I know exactly what happened.

The Mario  Turret got TEH BILLEH

Oh poor poor Billy.  I still haven’t heard from him yet, but according to the hospital, Billy is in serious, but stable condition.

Since the poor bastard has been buying games all month, we’re broke.  Want to help pay those hospital bills?  Head over to the Planet GameCube Store and pick up a T-shirt or DVD while Billy is slurping mushroom swiss burgers through a tube.  Remember, he did this for you.