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Siesta Fiesta Review
« on: July 22, 2014, 12:30:44 PM »

A humble breakout party that is truly worth perusing.

I am always a bit cautious when new, breakout-esque games hit the modern digital stores. That is not because I don't like them, but they usually don't offer something entirely fresh. Siesta Fiesta, the latest game from the studio Mojo Bones, is quite different in that regard. It shows that when leashes are let go and something unique is created, even a tired idea can flourish in some brilliant, fun ways.

Siesta Fiesta brings you to the world of Fiestaville that is home to the blob-like Fiestas. The always-snoozing young boy named Siesta is washed up on the shores of the island, and our wobbly friends are so happy that they decide to throw him a party. Rolled up as a ball, Siesta will explore the island and will hilariously enough never open his eyes. While the narrative only serves a simple purpose, it directly shows how bright and crisp the game is. Siesta Fiesta is a colorful spectacle and is accompanied by a lovely soundtrack, too.

The game contains eight different worlds, and each have a set amount of levels. Most of the stages encountered in Siesta Fiesta are sidescrolling stages, in which various control options are used to control the paddle (or bed in this case). The levels are filled with weird obstacles and traps which can be read about in the digital manual, but is not an elegant way of showcasing attributes. Otherwise, you will have to learn solo on how to deal with these. It would have been nicer if the game did a better job of this in-game, but that would also break the flow of Siesta Fiesta. Now and again, there are also one-screen Time Trial stages that change up the way you play. You will have to quickly destroy formations of blocks and obstacles to set a good time. The same set-up is used for the bosses, that always requires you to simply hit the enemies. In the end, the stage design is what makes them interesting.

Siesta Fiesta is a very fast paced game that takes good number of minutes to complete a stage. While it seems a bit much that Siesta can be thrown back into the game five times, they are absolutely necessary. The game is a test of endurance and skill, and will be relentless if it wants to. This won't make the game a blast for everyone, but it does make it worth to try levels multiple times. Medals can be earned for reaching certain scores, and high scores can be shared with friends and other users through Miiverse. This gives the game a good replay value, and you will be glued to the screen for a good while.

Siesta Fiesta is a surprisingly neat game for the Nintendo 3DS eShop. The levels can be played in chunks and can be easily selected thanks to a world map. The stages can be challenging and overwhelming at times, but once you learn them, it becomes fun to replay them. While the obstacles could have been explained a bit more in the game, it all goes by in a good pace. It helps that the presentation is just fun to look at, which makes the travel to Fiestaville worthwhile. If the concept seems anywhere exciting to you, jump in with no hesitation as cruising through these colorful worlds is a blast.

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Re: Siesta Fiesta Review
« Reply #1 on: July 24, 2014, 11:34:01 PM »
I think I might be due for a game like this. Your review has piqued my interest, Daan.
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