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Castlevania: The Adventure
« on: February 28, 2013, 12:35:03 PM »

Adventure, in the very broadest definition.

In Castlevania: The Adventure, I become the most lead-legged man on Earth, waging slow and imprecise battle against the mobile forces of evil.

The first stage gives me a lean 13 minutes to shamble and whip my way along the layered forest that sits behind me, which seems generous until I actually start plodding. Blobs fall and form into man-things, which seems like an unfair advantage in both ability and speed compared to my laughable skills. I have a dinky whip, 10 small bars of health, and a magnificent four-inch vertical. It's going to be an evening.


I do my power walk routine, only interrupting the pumping of my arms to whip some candles for coins and hearts and temporary upgrades. Enemies fall precipitously and die in flames. Even in death, they’re so much more dynamic than I, given my octogenarian's pace.

It takes me a solid minute to reach the first increase in elevation. In theory, clearing the small step should present no challenge, as my knees plunge somewhere into my chest cavity when I jump. Even so, it takes more than one go to mount. Just when I think I've mastered the gentle inclines, a series of staggered ridges and a stream of rolling eyeballs restore my humility.

Birds and more ledges conspire against me. By the time I climb to where the tombstones outnumber the trees, I've shed forty percent of my health.


I ascend to where mountain peaks become visible and floating platforms conspire to drive me mad. I've only four minutes left when I reach the designated boss arena. Somehow, he's gone in 20 seconds. For all my slowness and suffering and embarrassment, I've won. This could yet be OK.

Still riding a power high from the fight, I'm whisked away to some sort of cave. Hideous hands from the floor spit ricocheting balls of fire; tall knights heave boomerangs that I, with my terrible inertia, cannot seem to avoid.

Again, I overcome. But at a hanging bridge, the eyeballs return. Where I destroy them, I create an even worse foe—the jumpable gap.

I bumble down ropes and misleading pathways and am presented with a hive of frog-like creatures for my trouble. How I'm alive (and still trying) is a mystery.


I'm in a place with a spiked ceiling. A castle, I think, which makes sense. The ceiling descends when I reach a certain point; if I don't stop trudging along, I can just barely sneak through to safety.

Several things happen next that call for speed and precision, which is unfortunate. The spiked floor rises, making a series of platforms and ropes my sole route. I struggle with traversal as before, but now with a heightened sense of urgency. Maybe I can win this thing.

At the top, I breathe half a sigh of relief and let out half a curse before another spike wall roars in from the right.

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Re: Castlevania: The Adventure
« Reply #1 on: March 10, 2013, 08:20:29 AM »
This game has amazing music. And if I remember, the credits for the game are like, four people.