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This Week in Nintendo Downloads
« on: February 28, 2011, 06:49:55 PM »

Commander Video's final adventure is unleashed on WiiWare.

Today's update features a noteworthy release, the final game in the BIT.TRIP series, BIT.TRIP FLUX. Published by Aksys and priced at 800 Wii Points ($8), FLUX returns to the paddle based gameplay  seen in BEAT, the first game in the series. FLUX promises to have new challenges and additions such as full screen paddles and Avoid Beats.

Two WiiWare demos have also been added to today's update. Zallag's God vs. Humans is a humorous title in which players take on the role of God as he fights back humans that dared to defy his power by building a tower in order to reach his kingdom. JV Game's Pong Toss Pross-Frat Party Game is the second demo of the week. Up to four players can participate in different pong toss modes. Both of these demos can be downloaded for 0 Wii Points ($0).

On the DSiWare side of things three new titles were added. My Little Restaurant makes its DSiWare debut. Published by QubicGames, My Little Restaurant is a restaurant simulation where the goal is to please your diner customers. The title can be downloaded for 500 DSi Points ($5).

From Subdued Software is the second title of the week, Magnetic Joe. Players control Magnetic Joe and navigate him through various electronic mazes. Players can obtain it for 500 DSi Points ($5).

The final title of the week is Monster Buster Club from Nordcurrent Games. Based on the television show of the same name, Monster Buster Club has players going on missions as they defeat various supernatural threats. The title has been priced at 800 DSi Points ($8).

Pedro Hernandez
NWR Staff Writer