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Japanese Weekly Software and Hardware Charts for Nov 10-16
« on: November 24, 2008, 05:28:47 PM »
Kirby proves he’s still a Super Star in his native country, while the DSi kills the DS Lite.

 Animal Crossing: City Folk is yet to be released in Japan and Konami are taking full advantage releasing their own life simulation game. Tongari Boushi (which roughly translates to The Pointy Hat and The Witch) made a decent entry at No.3 on the weekly Japanese software charts,  probably a lot higher than it would have been battling a Nintendo first-party title.  Meanwhile, Pokemon Platinum strides confidently towards the two-million mark, rounding off the charts this week at No.10.    

Weekly Sales / Total Sales    

1. NDS Kirby Superstar Ultra (Nintendo) 97,449 / 363,102
 2. PS3 Way of the Samurai 3 (Spike) 81,047 / New Entry
 3. NDS Tongari Boushi to Mahou no 365 Nichi (Konami) 71,914 / New Entry
 4. NDS Fushigi no Dungeon Fuurai no Shiren DS 2: Sabaku no Majou (Sega) 45,327 / New Entry
 5. PS3 Resistance 2 (SCE) 33,584 / New Entry
 6. NDS DS Nishimura Kyoutarou Suspense 2 (Tecmo) 33,079 / New Entry
 7. NDS MegaMan Star Force 3: Black Ace (Capcom) 33,067 / New Entry
 8. NDS Rhythm Heaven Gold (Nintendo) 30,434 / 1,159,436
 9. NDS Wagamama Fashion: Girls Mode (Nintendo) 29,870 / 183,431
 10. NDS Pokemon Platinum (Pokemon Co.) 26,767 / 1,917,117    

On the hardware side this week, Japanese consumers opted for the latest model of the Nintendo DS hardware, as expected, with the release of Nintendo DSi.  As a result, DS Lite sales took a huge drop to way below even the Xbox 360.  Whether this new hardware iteration can keep Nintendo‚Äôs handheld at No.1 above the PlayStation Portable for an extended period of time remains to be seen.    

DSi - 85,327
 PSP - 38,153
 Wii - 26,787
 PS3 - 17,448
 360 - 7,983
 PS2 - 5,421
 DSL - 3,559

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