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Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon Set for EU Release on December 5
« on: October 08, 2008, 10:04:47 AM »
The DS remake of the first chapter in the Fire Emblem saga will make its Western debut in Europe just in time for Christmas.

 Just a few weeks after unveiling the release schedule for the remainder of 2008, Nintendo of Europe has now made a very notable addition to that line-up: Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon will launch across the region on December 5, marking the game's debut on store shelves outside of Japan.    

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon is the first instalment in Nintendo's strategy RPG franchise to be created for Nintendo DS. Though the game is based on the original NES Fire Emblem title (released only in Japan), it will make full use of the unique features of the DS. Optional touch screen controls are available for those who prefer to place their units using a stylus, and the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection brings online play to this storied series for the first time. Players can trade and battle with one another online, and enjoy voice chatting with friends.    

This enhanced remake tells the story of an exiled prince named Marth (famous in the West for his appearances in the Super Smash Bros. series) who seeks to save the kingdom of Altea, and includes new side story quests. Refinements have also been made to the strategic gameplay in accordance with the advancements that the Fire Emblem series has made since its inception in 1990.    

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon comes to Nintendo DS this Christmas!  Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection action introduced to classic RPG for first time    

8th October 2008 – Find a sacred sword and use it to save a kingdom as Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon heads to Nintendo DS!  For the first time in the classic Fire Emblem RPG series, there is the option of multiplayer action over Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, adding a whole new dimension of gameplay and strategic planning that can be shared with friends and fans of the series.    

Using skill, tactical battle-planning and no small amount of magic, players must embark on a quest to destroy the resurrected dark dragon Medeus, who seeks to conquer the entire world.  Charging into battle in Europe on 5 December, 2008, the game is based on Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light, which was created in 1990 for the NES console but never released in Europe, despite becoming the most popular in the series in Japan. Now the remake of this NES classic has the popular weapon triangle system integrated for strategic enhancement.    

One hundred years since Medeus was slain and the Kingdom Altea founded on the continent of Akaneia, Medeus is back and it falls to exiled prince, Marth, to save the kingdom from ruination.  Success for Marth and his comrades rests on finding his father’s sacred sword, Falchion and the Fire Emblem.  Only when these are united in Marth’s hands will he be able to confront the dark pontifex Gharnef, avenge the murder of his father and kidnap of his sister, destroy Medeus once and for all and win back the kingdom of Altea.    

Turn-based gameplay challenges the player’s strategic thinking, with the nature of the terrain, the strength of enemy forces and the positioning of your own units all needing careful consideration.  The Nintendo DS’s Touch Screen enables quick placement of units and the game boasts polished graphics that make the best use of the Nintendo DS system.    

A wide range of characters, with unique powers and integrated storylines, adds depth to the game, which features a range of new side stories and several difficulty levels to suit newcomers and seasoned strategists.  Using the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, players can battle over the internet or against one another in the same room, using their own characters – with their own special skills and experience.  These battles can be enjoyed even more by using the Mic Chat feature during battle. Playing over Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection also offers access to a special armoury shop where players can buy special items that allow them to gain a new class of character and also sell weapons to make money.  Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection also enables players to loan their battle-seasoned units to other players in order to provide a boost to that player’s forces. Additional units can be uploaded to a server and also borrowed from the server or from a friend by exchanging friend codes.    

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon makes its way to Europe on 5th December 2008

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Re: Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon Set for EU Release on December 5
« Reply #1 on: October 09, 2008, 05:28:28 AM »
Is it just me, or is this the year of RPG remakes for Nintendo DS? FF IV, DQ IV, Chrono Trigger, Fire Emblem.... are there any others? I'm not complaining--I loved FFIV on DS and have always wanted to own Chrono Trigger--I just think it's odd that so many are coming out this year.

...Yes I am aware Fire Emblem isn't a strategy/RPG game. The genres are close enough, though!
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