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NWR Hot Topic: November 27, 2007
« on: November 27, 2007, 03:39:15 PM »
This week we map our inventory to waggle.

 Monday, it was reveled that Super Smash Bros Brawl will offer totally customizable controls.  Want to map jump to the C Button?  Go right ahead!    

So, dear readers, here’s what we want to know from you. Should fully customized controls be the future of all games?  What are some recent games would you have changed their controls, and how?  What Wii and DS titles could use a new control scheme?  If you've got something to say on that topic, tell us what you think!    

It's really easy to participate in our weekly discussion.  All you need to do is post your reply in our Hot Topic forum thread.  You can't post if you're not a member of our forums, though, so if you want to add your voice (and have a chance to get your name on the site next week), register now!    

Last week we wished the Wii a happy birthday.  Here are some of the replies NWR readers left:    


Shift Key wrote: In order of no particular significance:    

1. Online platform needs work. Sure, Nintendo can make good use of it but until third parties can do similar work its a gimped platform.    

2. Third parties need incentives to work on the inferior platform of this gen (sit down fanboys, its two GCs taped together still) - send in coding ninjas or moneyhats.    

3. Less focus on Wii channels and more focus on games - that Mii channel is a great distraction from the reality that there needs to be more games.    

4. Wiiware shows a lot of promise, but until it delivers something tangible I remain skeptical.    


GoldenPhoenix wrote: Nintendo is far and away in the drivers seat, all they need to do to maintain their lead is have a few more killer apps for the casual gamers like Wii Sports (Wii fit could easily be that game). As much as people are going to hate to hear this, but Nintendo needs to get 3rd parties on board, but not as traditional game developers.    

What kind of developer you ask? Why yes, a casual game developer, just with more polish then Wii has been getting for the most part. Games like Carnival Games PROVE that third parties can make money and they don't have to dump a big budget title on it. I don't think you need money hats for this, all Nintendo needs to do is give them a heads up on what is selling. Whether we like it or not, those games will NOT be big budget titles but have a wide audience. This, I believe, will not be hard to do since we are already seeing signs of it with games like Smarty Pants, MySims, Rayman, Carnival and other games.    

Also I think Nintendo should put more effort in Wii channels, in addition to real games. These Wii channels have potential to distinguish Nintendo even more from the competition and the casual gamers eat them up. They are a cheap yet effective tool to attract people to their system. So Wii Channels HAVE to be part of their plan to keep the momentum going.    

Wiiware has potential to be HUGE as well, giving developers a chance to create low budget games with minor restrictions. Yeah we may see a lot of crap, but there will be some jewels that show up, especially since there appears to be little to no red tape unlike Live Arcade or the PS3 arcade. This feature also has the chance of creating developer loyalty. If a talented team is able to create a successful game on Wiiware they could turn into big asset for Nintendo, maybe even a potential first party developer.    

Now what things should Nintendo consider changing? For one their 1st party online system needs to evolve, and I don't mean just friend codes, the whole service from them is limited. When 3rd parties are beating you over the head with online games, you know you have problems. Also Nintendo CANNOT get cocky and rest on their success, they need to keep at it with games (Mainly high quality casual games) along with keeping the message alive, waiting with open arms to help 3rd party developers. Not sure if they need to throw big money out, because if they work things right, they can attract more 3rd parties with little expense to them.    


Kairon wrote: If Nintendo wants to really capitalize on [casual gaming], then they'd need to expand certain technical capabilities of the Wii. As much as hardcore gaming is driven by technology, so too is casual gaming.    

1. They need a more convenient and user friendly online system that encourages the development and existence of casual communities and communication through the Wii  2. They need to expand storage on the Wii to encourage downloading of additional channels, further functionality for the channels overall, and to encourage the download of Wiiware titles.    


Chasefox wrote: What does Nintendo need to do? Hmmm, let me think.....oh, yeah....    



pSYCO-gAMER321 wrote: First off, Nintendo keeps on doing their first-party support like they usually do. They know what they are doing. However, how history determines that the top winner of console war usually means the top of 3rd party support. So if Nintendo wants to keep on rolling by, 3rd party support needs to come! How? Wii-ware is one, but how about including more games online? How about using friend codes as username for everything than punching them in? Most of all, how about some more storage? My Wii will soon run out of memory. After that, when '09 or '10 comes around, bring out the Wii's successor with high definition and memory transfer.    


BlackNMild2k1 wrote:    

1. Better Distribution. They can't help the overwhelming demand for the Wii, but they could probably work out a better distribution system taking from the places with overstock and giving to those with understock (Germany --> UK).    

2. Unify the online system with the friendcodes and the Mii. If Nintendo made the Mii mandatory but attached a single friendcode to your individual Mii that works with all games, that would make everything much simpler    

3. Offer the olive branch out to the 3rd party developers. Give licensing breaks for niche games, open up the documentation and the developers code down to the metal, have a technical team dedicated to making sure that the 3rd parties are getting the most out of the system and are getting the most functionality out of the controller.    

4. Explore more Multimedia and Storage options. The Wii has WiFii and Bluetooth built in, the Wii is already connected to my wireless router that I use for my computer, so why not let my Wii and my computer talk (officially, streaming music, pictures and videos)? External HDD, and the ability to use this HDD or the SD as internal memory. And by that I mean allowing you to play your VC games off of the SD card or the HDD w/o having to copy it over. Deleting/re-downloading and copy- over/copy-back is not convenient and shouldn't be necessary.    


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