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Nintendo World Report Forums Transition
« on: November 17, 2006, 03:06:30 AM »
We have finally changed over the primary domain of the website to  What this means for the forumgoers is that you will need to start using the new forums URL of  The new domain means you'll need to set a new cookie if you want to keep your login.  Very soon, if not already, we hope to redirect all instances of PGC links to the NWR domain, the forums included.  I suggest you guys make the switch now so there aren't any issues that may come up.

We know there are one or two mentions of PGC still on the forums.  We hope to get those taken care of very soon.  Also, we will eventually change the color scheme of the forums to better fit the main site.  We understand that not everyone likes the look of the site (the overwhelming majority do, however).  We'll try to put together a color scheme that is better for the nature of the forums, but that might not come for a few weeks yet.

With that, welcome again to the new Nintendo World Report Forums!
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