Author Topic: Forum Registration Fixed, Terms of Agreement Amended  (Read 4731 times)

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Forum Registration Fixed, Terms of Agreement Amended
« on: December 09, 2005, 11:49:46 AM »
I have changed our forum settings so that new forum registrants may choose their own password from the start, rather than being emailed a random password before being able to log in and customize their profile.  This change circumvents the bug we've been dealing with for most of 2005, in which new users could not log in to their accounts because the registration email was never sent.  Now you can log in immediately after registering.

The forum still cannot send automatic emails.  It's a technical bug with our server host, and we'll continue to work on it.  While new registrations are no longer affected by this bug, it will still prevent you from getting an email when you forget your password.  So, if you do forget your username or password, send an email to, and we can help you out.  Be sure to send your request from the email account registered to your forum account, so we can be reasonably sure that your are indeed the account owner and thus have a legitimate request.

The forum Terms of Agreement have been edited to reflect the changes in our registration process.  I also fixed some minor grammatical problems.