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WWE Has Dual Screens
« on: October 25, 2004, 02:32:16 PM »
The official WWE website is sporting some interesting new aesthetics, and they involve two special letters of the alphabet.

Nintendo wasn’t kidding when they said they said variety was a big part of the DS ad campaign.  PGC reader the_geek27 brought something interesting to PGC’s attention—WWE’s website is full of Nintendo DS references!

Upon visiting the WWE home page you will be welcomed with an Internet Explorer's picture-not-found image on the top right.  But not all is as it seems: the red X soon reveals itself as a flash advertisement and, after a static-filled transition, turns into two blue rectangles vertically aligned with the slogan “Touch it.” The flash ad matches Nintendo DS television spots now airing across the country.

A closer inspection reveals the Nintendo DS presence to be more than a banner advertisement—it’s practically subliminal advertisement.  The WWE news header is displayed as “heaD lineS,” and similar blatant textual plugs can be found in the site’s various articles, going as far as to infest the advertisement label located below an unrelated (Xbox) flash ad!

Does this mean WWE is coming to the Nintendo DS, or is Nintendo just flaunting its campaign money?  One thing is for sure: this is just the start of NOA’s marketing blitz.

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