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Doshin the Giant takes his first great steps into gaming stardom

Probably the largest newcomer in the games industry this year - Doshin the Giant is Nintendo's latest addition to their character hall of fame and sure to shoot to stardom following his appearance in this new game, exclusive to the NINTENDO GAMECUBE and in the shops on September 20 2002.

Doshin the Giant is the first game on the NINTENDO GAMECUBE where you set the rules and create the world you live in. With two characters available to play, you must first make the choice between the good-natured Doshin or the evil and destructive Jashin, before your quest begins. With an entire community to build, you will be kept thinking on your feet as this fun-filled and imaginative title will surprise you with its charming gameplay. Doshin the Giant is crammed full of the creativity and quirkiness that made previous Nintendo games, such as Pikmin and the legendary Mario series so popular.

Based on the ancient myth that good and evil giants roam the land, the four different village tribes on Barudo Islands live day-to-day worshipping the legend. Players get to control Doshin, a good giant whose altruistic nature impacts on the future of the community. You can wander around the weirdly wonderful island, planting trees and building houses.  

Here's where the fun begins. At the flick of a button, players can also switch into Jashin, Doshin's evil alter-ego who is prone to destruction and terrorising villagers and their homes. Being good or evil is up to you, but be sure to make the right choice at the right time.

In the game, the different tribes must build 16 monuments between them to worship the giants. Each tribe has different cultures, knowledge and abilities but live apart in their own groups. He may be friendly, but Doshin's long yellow arms and giant strength enables you to change the landscape, raise or lower the fields and draw the tribes together. Only then will tribes begin to mix and work together to build each monument. With every good deed, you can absorb the love emotion and collect hearts allowing him to grow bigger and stronger.  

Jashin, the red alter-ego is not only stronger but also allows you to destroy buildings and breathe fire onto the island. Collecting hate emotions and skulls lets you cause mass destruction across the islands, creating havoc and chaos amongst the tribes. The monuments your tribes construct differ, depending on their good or evil origin. Between the two giants, you must ultimately bring members of each tribe together to build all 16 monuments.  

But disaster can strike at any time! Tornados or volcanoes can rip through the island leaving the villages and monuments destroyed. Time is of the essence and a cool head is required when you attend to each problem and swiftly limit the amount of damage caused. Whether you choose to live life on the good or bad side there's a great feature to take pictures of your favourite Doshin/Jashin moments along the way to show to your friends.

Another giant thing to come on Nintendo is the launch of the awesome Memory Card 251 as it sets foot onto the NINTENDO GAMECUBE. Players no longer have to worry about saving files mid-game as this new accessory provides up to 4 x more memory than before! The Memory Card 251 is estimated to retail for around 30 Euros and is also available from 20 September.

Since its launch on May 3 2002 the NINTENDO GAMECUBE has flown from shelves across Europe, with the millionth console being shipped into store just 11 weeks later. What's more, with an outstanding line up of games coming to the console by Christmas 2002, the NINTENDO GAMECUBE is sure to be top the list on many a letter to Santa this Winter, whether you are aged 8 to 80

Doshin the Giant is exclusive to the NINTENDO GAMECUBE and launches on 20 September 2002 at the estimated retail price of 60 Euros.

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