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Minecraft x The Woobles Review

by Kelly DeWitte - July 1, 2024, 11:55 am EDT
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A fun new trio of Woobles with a Minecraft theme.

I love the Woobles, and I have done several kits over the last two years. Recently, I had the fortunate opportunity to crochet one of the newest arrivals from the Woobles, The Creeper from Minecraft, and as usual, it was a very enjoyable experience.

The Creeper is one of my favorite characters in Minecraft. Its fun, pixelated form makes it one of the cutest bad guys in gaming history, and being able to make a little Creeper toy was very fun, albeit a little more challenging than I would have expected for a beginner kit.

Being a seasoned crocheter and having done multiple Woobles patterns, I found the Creeper to have a unique pattern, with the multicolored yarn and unusual square shape of the body. The button eyes and mouth were unlike any other kit, which typically contain round, button eyes. I found the pattern fun and very easy to follow, in typical Wooble fashion. I was able to complete it in about an hour.

The only critique I have is the level of difficulty. The package says “beginner,” but with the patterns being as complex as they are in certain places with lengthy row patterns and being taught multiple stitches at once, it could be viewed as complex. I, personally, wouldn’t start with this kit if I were brand new to the hobby. It could easily confuse a beginning crocheter.

Overall, this kit was a solid “A+” for me! It was a fun and fast amigurumi. My sons love it and are excited to display it. It’s fair to say that the Woobles did it again with their new Minecraft kits!


BeautifulShyJuly 01, 2024

Never really got into MineCraft but I see the appeal of it.

Crochet can be fun at times and is a pretty good way to be creative.

Enjoyed the review of it.

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