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The Thirsty Mage - Final Fanasty VII Remake - Part 1: No Spoilers

by David Lloyd - May 3, 2020, 8:34 am PDT
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Just like the source material, the discussion on Final Fantasy VII Remake will span multiple episodes.

The pub keeps the spoiler-talk to an absolute minimum as they discuss the graphics and combat mechanics of Final Fantasy VII Remake.

On the panel:

  • Thirsty Mage Host - David Lloyd
  • NWR Reviews Editor - Jordan Rudek

Listen to The Mage on the following platforms:

Theme song by the great Perry Burkum


Regarding the disc change in FF7: after leaving Midgar there's 5 or 6 dungeons and three MAJOR cutscenes before you have to change discs. It's probably 10-15 hours of gameplay when Midgar is 2-3.

WanderleiMay 03, 2020

I like how SE have figured a way to get people to pay 3 x $60 for the basically one game.

Also given their constant delays and long development times I can think of worse company to wait on a episodic release of story driven game.

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