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The Thirsty Mage Episode 6 - Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

by David Lloyd - February 2, 2019, 3:44 pm PST
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We discuss the history and people behind the iconic Nintendo and Squaresoft collaboration.

We discuss the history and people behind the development of Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.

We also talk about of our favorite moments and maybe even make a small wager at the end.

The panel consists of David Lloyd, Jordan Rudek, Xander Morningstar and Neal Ronaghan.

Theme song by the great Perry Burkum


ClexYoshiFebruary 03, 2019

so, I played through this again later last year. I did it within the span of a day and a half. it was my first time I ever got 100 Super Jumps and thus the might of the Super Suit and the Attack Scarf. if you can get 100 Super Jumps, the game effectively ends at Monstro town, as the super suit is so disgustingly powerful, especially when given to a character like Mallow who's crowd controlling weather based magic effectively nullifies all normal enemy encounters outside of the most stalwart of foes. it was quite the trip to play that way though.

I also got the Star Egg and Sheep Attack. the Star Egg is a pretty sutpid and overpowered item too.

Did you beat Culex ClexYoshi? 

Curious if the items made him easy too.

Cool Uncle VinceFebruary 03, 2019

Super Mario RPG absolutely was my gateway into RPGs.  I read Nintendo Power's coverage of Final Fantasy 3/6 and stuff in the Epic Center, and the games seemed way too complicated for me.  Also, the idea of a turn-based battle system sounded impossibly dull.

My Blockbuster had a deal where if you rented Tetris Attack, you could rent another game for free.  So I got Tetris Attack (which I wanted anyway), and for my free game,  I took a flyer on Super Mario RPG rental.

I was immediately hooked on the genre I'd ignored for so long.

It was a pleasure to be a a part of this discussion. I'm thrilled that it has become more accessible now than it was 20 years ago.

RPG_FAN128February 04, 2019

On my most recent Mario RPG playthrough...I used tools and gave myself "128 jumps" and so when I got to Monstro town I received the reward items (I've never been able to get 100 jumps legit  :-[).  I had heard that equipping everything on Mario makes him so fast that you move before Culex even gives his speech.  It's true!  You can sneak in a Mario move before he starts the "I am matter/antimatter spew."  In my opinion it made all three Jinx fights easy and Culex was mediocre.

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