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Happy Families and Kindhearted Neighbors: Mother 3 - Chapter 3

by Nate Andrews - October 3, 2011, 12:11 pm EDT
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A man, a mustache, and a monkey.

…like a body, careening through the air after slipping on a banana peel. A banana peel separated from its contents and tossed carelessly over the shoulder of a man not who he claims to be. A man buffoonish in his appearance, slick in his speech, and subtly menacing in his tone. 

What’s in a name?

Salsa the monkey’s communication repertoire consists of forlorn looks and longing gazes; sometimes, it’s hard to distinguish between the two. He’ll often wind up facing out, through the screen—usually after receiving a jolt of electric oppression through the slave collar sitting tight around his neck—wearing a mask of empty emotion. 

He takes the pain and the abuse and the threats quietly—being a monkey certainly has something to do with that, but it’s almost more of a silent decision of non-action on his part, a willing of his own being to unenthusiastically drudge through the blunt absurdness of his role in the scheme of an unfortunately capable dimwit.

Capability—seen here in the form of shock collars and monkey extortion—is all it takes, it seems, and Fassad manages to wield it well enough as a blunt object to conceive and set in motion a sequence of first-rate bastardry.

Salsa plays the subordinate in turn, forced to obey Fassad’s commands, act the counterpart to his subterfuge, and silently suffer lest his primate friend face whatever true wrath the thug actually possesses. It’s a wonder the control to lead, collect, interact, or fight is given at all—most attempts at individual actions are quickly squashed by Fassad, whose powerful presence in battle actually forces a distinct amount of dependence upon him for survival; even Salsa’s special attacks are mere demeaning performer actions.

As Fassad makes his politician-esque appeal to the simplicities of the people to accept a purchased sense of happiness into their lives—rousing and working the crowd like a snake oil salesman, selling his wares as he shouts out what will amount to self-fulfilling prophecies—Salsa pantomimes the actions set out before him, following with false diligence and allegiance the only path he can follow for the time being…


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