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Nick's StreetPass Weekend Adventure

by Nicholas Bray - April 16, 2011, 2:41 am PDT
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20,000 steps, 70 hits, one weekend.

My first weekend with the Nintendo 3DS was an exciting event. I travelled to a pop culture convention called Supanova in Queensland, Australia. I had received my 3DS the Thursday before, and had spent the Friday messing around with all the different functions like the AR games. I was looking forward to trying to get some StreetPass experience while I was away, thinking a convention is probably the best way to get some hits. I was not disappointed.

Arriving at the airport, I turned on my wireless connection and hoped that I would soon be "hit." I kept checking it every fifteen minutes or so, but didn’t run into any at the airport. While on the plane I  did take the opportunity to take a 3D picture of the wing, which I thought was pretty nifty.

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When I finally got to the convention and after walking the length of the hall, I had at least eight StreetPass hits. Quite happy with the little time it took to gain so many hits, I went into the plaza and reaped my rewards. I soon had a bunch of new puzzle pieces and had gone up a level or so in the quest. I expected there to be other 3DS units present, but I was surprised at how many I ran into so quickly.

Over the next couple of hours I managed to rack up over thirty hits. It helped me complete more puzzles and move along in the quest mode. I was initially excited at seeing that some other people had added some music to their music StreetPass. Unfortunately StreetPassing music is not how I had imagined it. I was under the impression that when you StreetPass someone it would add their list of five songs to a list for you to see, and maybe help to introduce you to new artists and music. While it does save the data for you, there is no way to actually see what the other people had in their list. You have to wait until you hit multiple people with the same song, and it is then added to your hit parade. Over the weekend I ran into two people that had a Nickelback song, so that was shown on my list. It also shows you your musical compatibility with others. I was pretty let down with the music StreetPass, and find it to be almost useless despite being an interesting concept.

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The other feature I found myself using a lot were the 3D cameras. I never used the camera on my DSi, but have taken loads of them with my 3DS . Being able to take and view 3D pictures is a huge novelty, and its fun to mess around with the camera and see what kind of images you can take. I also discovered that while viewing pictures you can use the circle pad to adjust the depth of your images. If you move it to the right everything will be pushed back further into the screen, while if you move it more to the left, certain foreground images will appear to pop out more.

The next day it was discovered that in the StreetPass quest game, it is only possible to level up your character to seven. My girlfriend and I had been leveling up with each other since we had received the 3DS, currently the hits between us are over 15 with the character levels staying put.

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By the time we were leaving for the airport to return home, my 3DS had over seventy unique StreetPass hits. While I did run into a few people from the previous day, there were at least seventy different people with 3DS’s over the weekend.

The last feature I’ll mention is the pedometer. I hardly ever carried my DS or DSi in my pocket, but with the inclusion of the pedometer and StreetPass, I want to have my 3DS on me a lot more. Even when I know it was unlikely to get a hit, I keep it in my pocket to rack up more steps. Over the weekend I had racked up about 20,000 steps (and 30 coins)!

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These built-in features are quite addictive, and it's awesome to pull it out of your pocket and see the little green notification light. My first weekend with the 3DS was a great one, and I can’t wait to do it again.



AilingforaleApril 16, 2011

I agree, the street pass thing was a very addictive addition to the 3DS.  I was carrying my keys with my wallet just so I could keep it in my pocket at work with hopes that some people would walk by/in our department and get that little green light to come on.  I had worked up the Find Me (is that right?) to getting a Kirby hat for my Mii.  Unfortunately, mines in for repairs do to some power issues... I hope they let me keep my hat :( .

TurdFurgyApril 16, 2011

Bahh! I'm jealous. I carry mine with me everywhere and haven't had a single hit. Not at gamestop, not at bestbuy, not at the college not anywhere! I live in Panama City, Florida, not the North Pole. :(

Quote from: TurdFurgy

Bahh! I'm jealous. I carry mine with me everywhere and haven't had a single hit. Not at gamestop, not at bestbuy, not at the college not anywhere! I live in Panama City, Florida, not the North Pole. :(

You'll just have to go to PAX then.

Has anyone tried downloading the 3D version of these pictures? I asked Nick to be the guinea pig for this to see if this is a viable thing for us to try going forward.

TurdFurgyApril 16, 2011

Yep, I downloaded the plane one and it worked just fine.

AVApril 16, 2011

I downloaded the pictures and they look ok on my 3DS. Nothing really impressed me visually or creativity about them, no offense or anything.

I did a youtube video of my pictures if you wanna check out my work:

3DS Augmented Reality picture collection

I went to best buy and 2 gamestops and got street passed by all the demo units. I had to turn on the wireless because it was off, sadly only one gave me

The pictures were not intended to be super awesome, I had mainly taken pictures of cosplayers while I was there. I didnt end up including any of those, because I never asked the people permission to put them on a website.

The Mario plush one is my favourite, because their noses and legs poke out of the screen if you adjust the depth.

CericApril 16, 2011

I've been cruising all the traditional haunts of early adopters here in Nashville and nada yet.

yoshi1001April 17, 2011

I'm actually quite lucky-I have the opportunity to go to a number of Pokemon-related events (I cover them for my website), and I was able to StreetPass a number of people at yesterday's TCG Regionals.

So the easy answer is: Join your local Pokemon League!

I thought the Mario one looked quite cool. I'm interested in how composition affects the effect.

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