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Wave Race 2000

by Rick Powers - September 9, 1999, 1:20 pm EDT

Rick Powers gets jiggy with the dolphins.

Wave Race 64 was a defining game for the N64. It proved that it was possible to have realistic physics models, outstanding graphic effects, and engrossing gameplay all on a small cart. It set a bar that was seldom raised, and even having the distinction of being the third game released for the N64, Wave Race is still one of the best.

Wave Race 2000 will pit four players in over 15 different locales, racing against the clock for the coveted Wave Race trophy.

Oh, did we mention the Dolphins would be back? ; )

    Basic Features:

  • 4 Player racing

  • Over 10 unique watercraft with configurable features

  • Different rider models, interchangeable with the watercraft

  • 15 or more locations to race in, with variations of those tracks

  • Most importantly, incredibly realistic water wrapped around an extremely solid water-physics engine

    Extra Goodies:

  • The ability to create a customized watercraft model, with a unique paintjob and specs and save that data to a 64DD disk.
  • Internet Multiplayer.

  • And of course...Dolphin Riding.

Rick P. says: Wave Race is STILL my favorite racer bar none for the N64. It's got a feel that has yet to be duplicated on anything but expensive arcade machines, and is absolutely beautiful.

As well, the physics model coupled with the random wave generation makes Wave Race playable long after you've beaten the game.

If Dolphin uses Environmental Bump Mapping, as is currently seen in some higher end 3D accellerators for the PC, Nintendo could add real-time light reflections (for that glistening effect), and a feeling of depth to the water that's never been done before. Wace Race 2000 could easily become another benchmark title not just for Dolphin, but for the industry as a whole.

Justin says: I think I've said plenty about my absolute NEED for this title to arrive before so I'll be brief. Bottom line comes down to Wave Race being the one racing title that has really stuck with me more than all others in this generation mainly because it was fun, unique, and with the random water effects no race is ever the same.

Moving into the next generation I agree with Rick that this title could really use the 64DD device well for customizing your ride and for other enhancements. The main thing I still want though is some absolutely wild and intense hidden tracks. I still imagine playing the game where instead of racing out on the water for one level you find yourself racing against the competition on lava in the middle of an active volcano. I know Nintendo doesn't tend to do the XTREME kind of thing usually but in this case I think they could make one HELL of a demo and commercial to get people's attention even more.

Oh, and one more thing. One thing that Wave Race REALLY missed the boat with is that it had race and stunt modes but no combination. What I would have liked to see in the game and would be perfect for the sequel would be to have a mode available for one and more player that would give you a combined score based on stunts successfully completed AND for your overall time. This way speeding through and not taking risks wouldn't be acceptable and it would make the race results a little more unpredictable. Plus, with lots of stunts and failures throughout the race the replays would be fun as hell to watch.

Billy says: There are too many reasons Nintendo should release this sequel! The original game was a pretty big seller, not just because it was the third US release for the N64. But, because Wave Race 64 is still an awesome game. It is too bad a sequel still hasn’t been released for the N64, but a Dolphin version would be a perfect way again for Nintendo to show off their graphic abilities with the Next Generation Nintendo Console! There are a couple basic features I’d personally like to see.

  • 1-4 player action with Rumble support. (Finally in the US)

  • Circuit, Time Attack, vs Mode, Stunt mode, Battle Mode

  • Choice of 15-20 racers, 10 different Jet Ski’s

  • 6-10 racers each race (unless Time Attack or Stunt Mode)

  • Original Wave Race 64 tracks updated allowing for Multiplayer (more than 2)

  • Bonus/Hidden Tracks

  • Full replay mode

  • Real (ride or be a) Dolphin code

With the possibilities of options the Next Generation Nintendo Console could offer, Wave Race 2000 could be cooler than ever imagined. If writable storage is an available option with the Dolphin I would really like to see a track editor. Wave Race tracks aren’t all that long in the first place so the editor should be feasible. As far as networking options, not only could you play Wave Race 2000 online, you could transfer scores, times, and even tracks. This would increase the games longevity immensely.

Tracks and bonus tracks are what are going to make or break this game. I believe the amount of different tracks should be at least 16-20. Since there will be no more cartridge limits this shouldn’t be a problem. Hopefully the regular tracks will vary as they did in Wave Race 64. One track I’d really like to see is a white water rapids level where there are waterfall jumps and branches to duck under. The interesting (and possibly the most fun thing) about Wave Race track design is that races can pretty much happen on anything liquid. Justin had mention being interested in seeing a lava level. I think that would be pretty sweet. Now, maybe someone put something funky in my kool-aid, but how about a cereal bowl level? Or even a hot fudge sundae level? Anything is possible. :)

CptnSisko says: WaveRace could be perfec to show off Dolphin's capabilities, and the perfection of the Dolphin controller. The waves on even the N64 verion are far ahead of any other water raicng game on earth.

You make a good point Billy, a cereal bowl level would kick major ass (how about a promotion with General Mills . Chasing down that Lucky Charms Leprachaun.... all the time he's yelling "Help! They're after me Lucky Charms!"

Although a chance to play as a Dolphin would be really cool as well.

Steven says: When I hit a wave, and submerge underwater .. I want to see fish. That would be cool.

Rick P. says: Ummmm...fish...

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