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Mario Party 2000

by Justin Nation - September 9, 1999, 10:08 am EDT

Justin looks at what would make a next-gen Mario Party game awesome.

After the enormous success of the first outing in the series and the probable success of the soon-to-be-revealed sequel it seems that Nintendo thinks it has hit a vein, a family-oriented game that is accessible to all ages. Since multi-player gaming will no doubt continue to be a priority for Nintendo in the next generation this may be a perfect title to show that dedication early and since the mini-games you play in the original Mario Party weren't terribly complex the development time for this sort of title would probably make it a great candidate for filling out the early N2000 line-up.

    Basic Features:

  • Over 100 available mini-games with many having variations worked in, creating an even higher total

  • 4-player fun for any group with accessible controls, simple gameplay, and enough randomness to keep it interesting

  • A larger cavalcade of characters to choose from either branching out into Nintendo's other properties or expanding the Mario universe characters

  • An accompanying larger variety and boards to choose from, this time incorporating more secrets into them that can only be found by adventurous players

    Extra Goodies:

  • Hidden bonus mini-games that can be unlocked through gameplay. This could include some Nintendo classics like the original Mario Brothers, Wrecking Crew, Excitebike?!?!

  • Hidden characters and levels for people to find

  • Create-a-character mode using a more Mr. Potato head kind of interface for the facial features and a mix and match set of body elements (DD-like saving required)

  • Playable over whatever network solution they utilize

  • Maybe some mini-game creation elements if some games involve tracks that could be modified

Justin says: OK, you may think I'm on crack to propose this as an early title for the system but there is real potential here. First of all this would be a good project for Hudson to cut its teeth on before undertaking a new Bomberman title but that's not the main point.

The thing that makes this title such an appealing idea to me is that it would be the perfect opportunity for Nintendo to show off the new features of its new controller. Nintendo has always been a company that has taught other developers through example so why not go all out and make this title show off every possible quirky use of the new Miyamoto-designed piece of working art? Of course given the original title one would hope that they'd have less strenuous games where the analog stick is involved so you don't go ruining your new controllers but overall this idea has real potential for Nintendo opening minds involving what is possible with the new controllers and that'd be a good thing. Surely Miyamoto has things in mind when he designs elements to a controller (like the Rumble Pak being an idea formed through wanting it for a fishing game) so this would afford him an opportunity to show developers how it is done and to get wilder controller uses into the market earlier on, making for more diverse and interesting games overall.

Oh, and just a wacky thing to point out here before someone else thinks of it... it could always turn into Mickey Party... Mouse Party? Hehehe... nah, that wouldn't sell like hotcakes, would it? ;-)

Rick P. says: Nintendo has really shown that oddball game idea still have a market... as long as they're executed well. Mario Party, Pokemon Snap, Mario Golf... each is more fun with a few wild friends than by itself, really driving the "Fun Machine" moniker to it's limit.

Since a sequel to Mario Party is already confirmed for N64, and will be shown at Space World, we can only assume that this is becoming a franchise in it's own right. And with network play, you NEVER have to worry about playing alone again. Although, not having your pals around to slap in the back of the head for grabbing that star may not be as fun ...

CptnSisko says: With network support, this would be great. You know, the only reason many didn't love Mario Party was due to its shoddy graphics and sound. Obviously, with Dolphin, we'd have enviromental audio and graphics the like of which have never been seen before, so even the old Mario Party formula could be recognized by all as what it really is, a fun and involving party game, not just a game with bad visuals.

However, with over 70 minigames included, a minigame editor, create a player, and most important of all, NES minigames (like the Mario vs. Luigi race in Super Mario Deluxe,)this game could achieve what its predecessor fell short of, true greatness, the kind of reputation Smash Brothers currently enjoys.

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