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Amazon Giving $25 Credit on 3DS Preorders

by Andrew Brown - March 25, 2011, 1:56 pm EDT
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If you've preordered your 3DS console through Amazon, you've just made $25.

Amazon has announced that they will provide a $25 promotional credit complimentary with any 3DS preorders placed until the system launch. Additionally, this offer will be extended to any orders that have already been placed. Once the order ships out, a confirmation email will be sent within 2 days, and the store credit can be used towards any of the 18 listed launch titles.

Amazon is also offering $10 credit on those 3DS titles with the preorder of a 3DS game. This offer is limited to one per person.

Currently these offers are only available on the US Amazon.com. Promotion details are here.


KnowsNothingMarch 25, 2011

So according to the linked page I have to wait to receive my credit until after the system ships...so I won't get to apply my credit on the game I've already pre-ordered? I have to wait to buy it?

Edit: According to Mashesh from Amazon.com the credit can only be applied after the system ships but it can be used for any video game sold by amazon.  This is NOT what the site says, but if they screw me then IT WILL COST MASHESH HIS JOB.

SundoulosMarch 25, 2011

That sounds consistent with the credit offers that Amazon has run in the past.  One other possible gotcha is that the credit normally expires in a few months if you don't use it. 

All in all, though, those are generally nice deals if you plan to make additional purchases.  I was essentially able to buy Professor Layton and Kirby's Epic Yarn for free last year due to the credits I accumulated through Amazon.

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