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Episode 256: New Super Xander World's Fury + Hockey

by Alex de Freitas, Xander Morningstar, John Rairdin, and Neal Ronaghan - January 15, 2021, 1:19 pm EST
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Xander Morningstar stops by to talk about Bowser's Fury and 2021 hype. Also: people who don't follow hockey make hockey predictions.

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Xander Morningstar came by and we all got really furious with excitement for Bowser's Fury before diving more into the announcement of Lucasfilm Games working with Bethesda and Ubisoft (because we always gotta touch on Star Wars), tossing out hopes and dreams and ideas for future Switch revisions, and then rounding out the talk by going into the NWR Hype Meter and putting John to sleep by talking RPGs.

Also, Neal demanded NHL 2021 season playoff predictions from Xander and John, who don't actually follow hockey at all. So to recap that, see below. Also there are timestamps so you can skip hockey if you want to. (note: the rough plan here is each person gets 1 point if one of their teams makes the playoffs; the "winner" isn't for winning the division in the regular season, it's for winning that division in the playoffs.)

Central Division

  • Xander: Columbus (winner), Florida, Dallas, Tampa Bay
  • John: Carolina (winner), Chicago, Detroit, Columbus
  • Neal: Tampa Bay (winner), Dallas, Columbus, Carolina

East Division

  • Xander: Pittsburgh (winner), NY Islanders, Buffalo, Boston
  • John: Boston (winner), Buffalo, Philadelphia, NY Rangers
  • Neal: Washington (winner), Philadelphia, NY Islanders, Buffalo

North Division

  • Xander: Winnipeg (winner), Calgary, Ottawa, Toronto
  • John: Vancouver (winner), Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton
  • Neal: Toronto (winner), Edmonton, Vancouver, Winnipeg

West Division

  • Xander: Minnesota (winner), Arizona, Anaheim, San Jose
  • John: Colorado (winner), Minnesota, Anaheim, Los Angeles
  • Neal: Colorado (winner), Vegas, St. Louis, San Jose

00:01:29 - Hockey Predictions 00:15:21 - Bowser's Fury 00:31:27 - Lucasfilm Games 00:44:31 - Bad games, Switch 2 & Wii U 00:48:59 - The NWR 2021 Hype Meter 01:09:04 - RPG Talk 01:40:20 - Colors Live Talk

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Edited by Alex de Freitas

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