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Episode 201: #MaxAttack

by Nicholas Bray, Becky Hollada, Kimberly Keller, and Josh Max - April 7, 2016, 4:51 pm EDT
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Connectivity returns with an attack from the max.

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Welcome to a brand new episode of Connectivity.

This episode sees the return of Kim Keller and Josh Max, along with Becky Hollada and Nicholas Bray. Josh, Kim and Becky mostly talk about their experiences and thoughts on the latest Fire Emblem games for the Nintendo 3DS, while Nick ends up talking about Goldeneye 007 and Snowboard Kids for the Nintendo 64.

For the discussion topics this week we feature some general thoughts on E3, NX and various other bits and pieces, including a smaller discussion on our favourite console launch memories.

The musical selections on this episode include Rookie Mt from Snowboard Kids, Throwback Galaxy from Super Mario Galaxy 2 and a performance of the Fire Emblem theme from the Tokyo Philharmonic.

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This episode was edited by Nicholas Bray.

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MASBApril 23, 2016

The Terrific Trio (Josh, Kim, and Becky) is back! Connectivity at its best as far as I'm concerned. :)

Kim's marathon review of Fire Emblem: Fates: Good Lord! All three games in a week? That puts Jonny's Twilight Princess review  rush to shame, I think. We have a new champion! I'm sure no one will be rushing to take that crown. ;)

Goldeneye: I wanted to love Natalya. But, alas, she served only to make playing the game a chore. Those levels would have been a lot more enjoyable with better AI. As it was, on 007 level, she could only take a few hits before it was time to start the level all over again.

I'm glad Nicholas mentioned Snowboard Kids. I think it's been about 7 years since anyone mentioned that on an NWR podcast. It may be another 7 years before it's mentioned again, but I thought it was a good and off-beat game that seemed well-liked when it came out. I remember the PS1 version of the game having that system's usual you can cut yourself on every pixel, ground textures.

It was nice hearing everyone's console launch memories. I hope Becky enjoyed the roller skates, at least!

Once again, it's great to hear Josh, Kim and Becky again. I know they're busy, sometimes with other NWR projects. But I hope it won't quite as long until we hear from them again. They're the best combo since Jon and James. :)

We spoke a little more Snowboard Kids after and Josh remembered he had played it too lol.

The game is alright in single player, it can be frustrating however and seems unfair sometimes. Its very charming and looks great though, especially through the UltraHDMI mod. I haven't played it in multi recently, but I think thats the best way to play it from memory.

Without cheap CPU its quite a fun little game. The music also is very nice.

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