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Episode 181: Cucco Eating

by Nicholas Bray, Karl Castaneda, Becky Hollada, and Zachary Miller - July 12, 2015, 12:21 am PDT
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We throw around some Zelda ideas and answer some listener mail.

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Welcome to episode 181 of Nintendo World Report's Connectivity podcast. This week we try out a slightly different format than usual, both topics are presented as a continuous recording instead of two distinct segments.

First up we have Nick, Becky and special guest Karl Castaneda warming up with a brief chat about what they have been up to. Then the trio dive into a discussion about what they would like to possibly see from the Zelda series in the future. Zach Miller also joins them partway through.

After a break, the gang pull out the mailbag and answer some questions relating to online voice chat, video game guide usage and the possibility of Nintendo supporting games more as a platform over a longer period of time through DLC.

Be sure to send us your listener mail by clicking here.

Thanks and please enjoy the episode.

This episode was edited by Nicholas Bray

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Just some clarification on the crossbuy for Xeodrifter: Jools has confirmed that the crossbuy will work for all owners of the 3DS version.

Tipping Stars gave codes for the opposite version, but OlliOlli came out on Wii U and 3DS the same day and if you bought one copy and had the NNID on the other console, they dropped the price to $0. Presumably, the same will happen with Xeodrifter (and Mutant Mudds Super Challenge, which I believe they announced crossbuy for.)

EnnerJuly 12, 2015

For Smash Bros. 4, the premium DLC is somewhat in line with the DLC of other fighting games. It probably doesn't make the price easier to swallow, but consider that they are balancing the new character to the 40+ other characters in the game. The Mii costumes and premium stages are blatant cash grabs, though.

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