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Episode 81: Another Dimension

by Patrick Barnett, Zachary Miller, Tyler Ohlew, and Neal Ronaghan - April 13, 2013, 12:50 pm EDT
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Check out an unreleased episode of Planet GameCube Connectivity on this week's show.

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Do you know where we're going? Well, where we're going, we don't need roads. First off, Zach and Neal take a quick sojourn down the rabbit hole of Bioshock Infinite. 

But don't get comfortable! Because the past versions of Tyler, Trick, and Neal intervene in a previously unreleased episode of the Planet GameCube Newscast. The trio talks about the Square Enix merger, Resident Evil's GameCube exclusivity, NHL Hitz Pro, and more. 

After that, Trick and Neal become a pair of sea-faring heroes as they discuss their feelings on Wind Waker on a lost segment from Planet GameCube Connectivity. 

Don't worry. Next week, we will be back in the right universe. You wouldn't want to stay in the one from this episode. It's the darkest universe. I mean, Scott has one arm and Mike is dead. It kind of sucks.


AVApril 13, 2013

This was really fun. I say do it every once in a while when nothing new is going on.

lukas85April 13, 2013

wow, the games mentioned in this episode, wind waker, viewtiful joe, resident evil remake, resident evil 0, metroid primie 1 and 2, soul calibur II, metroid fusion, what an awesome lineup of games from that year. also very funny that silicon knights was the hot dev back then and next level games where releasing they first game. yoichi wada was the new square enix president, so much stuff to remember! love this show!

llafferApril 14, 2013

I have to pick on Neal for this statement that he made back in 2003:

Starting at 15:35 ...

I love me some Batman. I kind of liked that Super Nintendo game that was pretty cool, but there are three good Batman games out of 30.  I don't think the odds of us getting a good Batman game in the future  is likely.

Yay for dramatic irony!

This episode? She's filthy with it!

llafferApril 14, 2013

Yeah. It was fun to hear you talk about developers that have done good things now, but 10 years ago, on their first major project, not sure how things would turn out for them.

And there was mention of Too Human, which was delayed again, which ended up not coming out for 4-5 years after this, or so? :)

PogueSquadronApril 19, 2013

Nice try guys :p. I knew this had to be a joke from the beginning, but it was still fun to listen to. Neal trips up at the end when asking for fan emails and asks for people to write to connectivity@NintendoWorldReport.com (or maybe that was just a little in joke). Whoops! You guys should do this every now and then. We need to hear some podcasts from 1993 next!

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