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Episode 68: Simultaneous Global Release

by Patrick Barnett, Alex Culafi, Zack Kaplan, Daan Koopman, Josh Max, Neal Ronaghan, Mike Sklens, and Scott Thompson - January 12, 2013, 1:34 pm PST
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The gang goes deep into 2012, and discusses Pokémon X & Y.

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Here we go again, on our own. Going down the only road we've ever known. The road of video games. This week, Connectivity continues its journey through the annals of 2012 with the second half of last week's That Nintendo Year. Our decision to include some non-Nintendo gamse means it's a little longer than usual.

After that, Josh and Alex crank up the hype machine for Pokémon X & Y. And if you're interested, after the end of the show there's a bonus segment on the classic game LEGO Island.

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This week's episode edited by Mike Sklens.


zeeroidJanuary 12, 2013


FjurbanskiJanuary 12, 2013

Kingdom Hearts I is easily in my top ten games of all time.

It's all downhill after that as far as I'm concerned. KHII was so boring. The combat was sooooo button mashy. It was style over substance the second you turned it on. Mash X to watch Sora fly around the map destroying everything in his path, and then hit Triangle to do some QTE super move. It's not engaging at all. Whereas in the first one everything was more intricate. Your moves were more deliberate. Jump at just the right time, block at just the right time. Boss battles took far more concentration. You actually had to learn the bosses moveset, the right way to hit them and the right way to dodge them. It's a little cumbersome at first, yes, but far more satisfying in the end. The boss fight against Sephiroth in KHI... man, so intense.

And I shouldn't even need to say how absurd the story gets after KHI.

I've played every KH game (except for the mobile game), and I've never had as much fun with them as I had with KHI. Well, that's my KH rant. Thanks for your time.

PAL territories usually get games on a Friday, Pokemon games launch on Saturday in Japan, and of course there's the Sunday release for North America.

Worst comes to worst, PAL actually gets X and Y *first* (which would make sense with the European setting). More likely it'd be a Saturday (Friday NA time), Sunday, and Friday release though.

And the 2nd gen starters are terrrrrrrrrrrrrible. They're almost as overrated as the games that spawned them.

TJ SpykeJanuary 13, 2013

LOL, the Gen II starters are far better than Gen III or V, and the games are so great (I remember loving Crystal so much that I maxed out the in-game counter at 999:59).

No way PAL will get them first. More likely is that Japan gets it first, then North America, then PAL.

shingi_70January 13, 2013

Final fantasy 15 on 3DS is a freaking pipe dream. While I agree that the 3DS is doing hot in Japan it isn't selling top expectations elsewhere. The 3DS is a good place to make more new IP like Bravely default.

Also the New engine that powered angi's philosophy is going to power the next final fantasy. That and after seeing said demo if final fantasy 15 was on 3DS I probably wouldn't buy it despite owning the system.
I do think that Dragon Quest X is coming and the amount fanfare it gets will depend if square or Nintendo handles the duties,.

TJ SpykeJanuary 13, 2013

Actually, 3DS is selling really well in all regions. The reason FF won't be on 3DS though is because Square Enix puts the series on machines that will give it great graphics. No way would they even consider having it look worse than a previous entry in the series (which it would be if it's on 3DS or even PS Vita).

azekeJanuary 15, 2013

You're not supposed to actually spin 3DS in Fluidity: Spin Cycle. Keep it horizontal and think of it as a plate with some water on it. Now tilt it to move the water -- and BAM -- it's basically a flying cheat code for your body of water. Not like it helps you or anything since game design is built very differently from usual puzzle platformers...

Even Iwata can't get it right, smh.

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