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Episode 53: Did You Hear Neal Went to Florida?

by Zachary Miller, Neal Ronaghan, Mike Sklens, and Scott Thompson - September 29, 2012, 6:44 am EDT
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Alternate title: So, I was really drunk in college, and...

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Connectivity is back this week with a fresh tan and an impending doctor visit for this weird, itchy rash...

First up, Neal sits down with Scott to discuss his recent trip to Florida where he, among other things, had a chance to play Disney Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion. Learn about the different Disney franchises that are represented, how the game plays, and how many frequent flyer miles Neal earned on the trip. Then Neal closes with his top 5 Disney World rides in order of which made him cry the least.

After that, our "That Nintendo Year" segment returns, focusing this week on 2001, the year that both the Game Boy and GameCube launched. How did Nintendo retire the N64 and Game Boy Color in the final months before the new hardware arrived, and how was the launch software for the GBA and GC? We tell all!

As always, you can click here to send us listener mail. What are your thoughts about Nintendo and 2001? Was it a good year for both old and new hardware? Let us know!

This episode edited by Scott Thompson.


Stark_NebulaSeptember 29, 2012

Melee is my college game too, and we're 2012. C:

TrueNerdOctober 02, 2012

Oh man. The Oracle games. I recall enjoying them a decade ago when they came out. I also recall feeling that Ages was the better of the two, but yeah, I kind of forgot they existed. I would love to go through em again. If only Nintendo had some kind of service where they sold their old games for their new systems. That'd be neat.

Also, the GBA version of Yoshi's Island is the only version of that game I've ever played. I really love that game, but apparently I don't know what I'm missing out on? It's $26 on Amazon used, perhaps that'd be worth it. But again, it'd really be nice if Nintendo had some kind of service where they sold their old games for their new systems. And imagine if they gave a shit about it and made that extra effort to make sure games with the FX chip were properly emulated! Too bad hoping for more than the minimum effort from Nintendo in matters like this is a pipe dream.

But man. 2001. Better year than I remembered.

I'll give you the Oracle complaint, but not the FX chip/Yoshi's Island complaint.

We don't fully know the issue with the FX chip emulation, but there must be some hold-up. Unfortunately, from a business perspective, they'd basically be fixing a tricky emulation issue for two games of note that may or may not sell too well. Do I wish they would do it? Of course, Yoshi's Island and Star Fox are beloved games for me. Am I super pissed they haven't? Not really, because I can understand some semblance of the business logic.

oksodaScott Thompson, Associate EditorOctober 02, 2012

Hmm interesting question. Should you buy an SNES copy of Yoshi's Island?

Honestly, most of the difference between the GBA and SNES versions is cosmetic. Less screen space, not as vibrant and sharp, etc. But the games still play the same, so you didn't necessarily miss anything only playing the GBA version. Unless you like to collect or really yearn to play the game in its original format, you can probably pass.

TJ SpykeOctober 02, 2012

I love Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island/ The GBA port is basically the same game and is stillv very good. I will agree that it sucked they got rid of the effects of touching fuzzy.

TrueNerdOctober 02, 2012

I get the business logic of the FX chip emulation. Same way I get the business logic of not having the Wii U upscale Wii games or not having VC games playable on the gamepad. And all of these things annoy me because Nintendo could do all of them if they wanted to but they don't want to and I, the lifelong Nintendo fan and consumer, suffer because of it. I have no stock in Nintendo, I just want them to provide me with the best possible product.

Listening to the Nintendo Year segment really drives home how fantastically well the GameCube started out. There are at least five games that came out within a month of launch that were legitimately great and remain so to this day. How many other consoles can you say that about?

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