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Episode 37: We All Scream for E3

by Andy Goergen, Zachary Miller, Neal Ronaghan, and Scott Thompson - May 31, 2012, 4:23 pm PDT
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It's all E3 up in this week's episode of Connectivity.

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Note: We didn't want our E3 predictions to come out right before E3, so enjoy this new episode of Connectivitiy a few days early!

(The lights dim in the tightly packed theater. The crowd cheers emphatically as the Connectivity logo appears on the screen at center stage. Loud techno and dubstep tracks test the fortitude of the theater speakers while some of Connectivity's greatest moments play out on the screen. After a few minutes, the sizzle reel ends and the lights come up. The speakers crack as the announcer's voice bellows "and now, please welcome to the stage, Director of Nintendo World Report and host of Connectivity, Neal "Baby Face" Ronaghan!")

Thank you, it is a pleasure to be here. It's been a great year for Connectivity, and we are excited today to talk about the future. To talk about things to come. But first, we must talk about the past, for everything has one. Even the future. I'd like to welcome to the stage Zach "Long, Latin Name for a Dinosaur" Miller and Andy "Where the Hell is Pikmin 3?" Goergen. Now, let's talk about the past. Specifically, E3 2002. (Lights dim again)


Now, the moment you've been waiting for. Our predictions and forecasts for E3 2012. How much time will Nintendo devote to Wii U and to the 3DS? Which third parties will come out in strong support of the Wii U? What surprises might still lurk in the shroud? Well, we have some ideas. Let's welcome Scott "I'm Not Going to Make Up My Own Nickname" Thompson to the stage for our E3 2012 segment.


That does it for this year's E3 prediction conference, er, episode. Thanks for joining us today. By time we record another proper episode, E3 will be over, but if you'd like, click here to send in your predictions. Maybe we'll revisit them and see just how wrong we all were. Stay tuned next week, as we should have a few podcasts going up throughout E3 with our reactions to the news and reveals.

Oh, and go buy a Connectivity shirt. That would be awesome.

This episode edited by Scott Thompson.


supergttMay 31, 2012

I had one of the PGC e3 VHS tapes from... 2001? maybe. I wish I still had it. In fact, for many years the first result on google for my name was the page that had the list of PGC supporters.

fordrobMay 31, 2012

PGC DVD get!...please?

Despite Neal's insistence, I would definitely like to see a sequel to Too Human. Honestly, I'd be way more excited for that than I would be for Eternal Darkness 2.

MasterEMay 31, 2012

DVD? I would like one.

LithiumJune 02, 2012

I would also like a PGC 2002 dvd. I've been trying to collect as many of Nintendo's old e3's as i could, with 2002 i would have 2001-2011 (and soon 2012) I was planning on releasing them on a torrent (because some of these are from youtube rips, people would get all miffed about "stealing") but after hearing about your e3 2003 trivia i think i would ruin that idea by doing that XD

A zelda by retro studios would be boss. after skyward sword i kind of realized that i don't like zelda anymore, but if retro studios is working on it they could breath new life into the series like they have for Metroid and DK. Honestly its probably the only way i'll be excited for a new zelda game. Also damn you for playing xenoblade music during the show, now i feel like replaying it despite beating it 2 days ago.

Eman55June 02, 2012

Could you hook me up with a PGC DVD?

DEDwyer64June 02, 2012

Oooo! Planet GameCube DVD! If there are actually any available, I would love one!

P.S. Great show as usual!

The main reason why the WaveBird didn't have a re-release around the time was because of a patent lawsuit issue. In 2008, Nintendo allegedly infringed upon some patent and had to pay a bunch of money and stop producing the thing. THEN, two years later in 2010, that got reversed. Maybe at that point, they just figured it wasn't worth it to keep on making them? Still, the WaveBird is the best damn controller I've ever used. Sure, no rumble, but man, I love me some GCN controllers!

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