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Episode 33: The Up to God Game

by Danny Bivens, Andy Goergen, Pedro Hernandez, Daan Koopman, Josh Max, Neal Ronaghan, and Mike Sklens - May 5, 2012, 12:39 pm PDT
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In which The Connectables discuss weird Japanese stuff, and ponder the almighty's influence over minigames.

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Hi, and welcome to Nintendo World Report's Connectivity, Episode 33. Thanks to a brilliant invention known as a "news digest", we've already covered this week's news in previous, bite sized episodes. This leaves us plenty of room for some fun discussions.

First, Neal, Josh, Danny, and Andy answer a listener's question about what their favorite import games. And in our second segment, Daan is joined by Pedro and Josh in a discussion of the Mario Party franchise, but mostly about the recently released Mario Party 9.

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This episode edited by Mike Sklens.


supergttMay 05, 2012

the intro runs into(and over top of) the first segment, needs to be re-edited.

Kytim89May 05, 2012

Could you guys please go back to reportin news and commenting on it?

Listen to News Digest. :)

Good to hear that listener mail isn't being abandoned.

And AKI actually became known as Syn Sophia and switched focus to lighter fare. Their last release in the US was Style Savvy, star of E3 '08. (I wonder if the sales would have been better or worse if they mentioned it was from the guys who brought you No Mercy).

KikoriMinoru Yamaizumi, Japan CorrespondentMay 06, 2012

The PS1 cooking game is "Ore no Ryori".

ejamerMay 06, 2012

For what it's worth, I really liked the approach where news is broken out into smaller segments that are released in a timely fashion while the bigger discussions are saved for the weekend.  Having bite-sized news segments made the middle of my week more enjoyable.  Having more relaxed discussion and speculation kept me in podcast bliss this weekend too (possibly helped by the fact that I both topics were very interesting to me).

Not everyone will feel the same way, but at least you get one seal of approval.

Quote from: Kikori

The PS1 cooking game is "Ore no Ryori".

YES.  Thanks! 

oksodaScott Thompson, Associate EditorMay 09, 2012

Quote from: Kytim89

Could you guys please go back to reportin news and commenting on it?

To add to Neal's point, think of the News Digest segment, which airs twice a week at about fifteen minutes each, as the news segment removed and posted early. If you combine those with the regular show here, you have one complete, juicy podcast! But now the news can be discussed right when it is relevant!

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