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Episode 1: We're Back!

by Nicholas Bray, J.P. Corbran, James Dawson, Andy Goergen, Zachary Miller, Neal Ronaghan, Mike Sklens, and Scott Thompson - September 24, 2011, 9:01 pm EDT
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Out from under the ashes of the Newscast bursts Connectivity. 

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Has it been two weeks already? Time flies when you take a week off from recording, though that time hasn't been wasted. We've put quite a bit of effort into getting the wheels in motion for this, NWR Connectivity. As you'll hear in the opening moments of the show, this is a brand new podcast aimed at better connecting you fine listeners to Nintendo World Report at large. Gone is the dominion we original Newscast-ies held over the airwaves, meaning any member of the staff is welcome to come on and talk about a topic, as illustrated by this first episode.

The Newscast crew opens things up, talking TGS news no less, before the second segment shifts to a conversation with J.P. Corbran and his acquisition of the ability to see 3D thanks to a surgery he had on the muscles of his eye. His blog on the topic can be found here (and the figure that had Zach distracted can be found here - NSFW). After that, a group of staff members get together and talk about the quality of Star Fox 64 3D and how it compares to the original.

Thanks for being patient with us while we got everything in place for the launch of the podcast. We are all incredibly excited about this new show format and what is possible with it. Thank you for joining us for this, the inaugural episode.

Oh, and we have a new fancy email address! We can be reached at Connectivity@nintendoworldreport.com. Be sure to send us some mail!

This podcast was edited by Scott Thompson.

Intro/Outro music created by Scott Thompson. "Star Fox" theme performed by the WDR Symphony Orchestra Cologne.


Scatt-ManSeptember 25, 2011

Nifty! Looking forward to the listen, mates. 'Preciate the effort. :D

Chad SexingtonSeptember 25, 2011

Is the Newscast going to be retired in favor of this with a new focus or is this just an additional podcast.

(Sorry, if this is answered in the podcast.  I haven't listened yet.  I will later.  Can't right now.)

The Newscast is done. 

That said, the regular Newscast crew will still be doing news as part of the new show, it'll just be one of the segments that makes up Connectivity. 

xcwarriorSeptember 25, 2011

Just subscribed, looking forward to it.

CericSeptember 25, 2011

Virtual Boy Represent!  Mario Tennis is Excellent and I would buy that on the 3DS VC on day one.

KwolfSeptember 25, 2011

Great return! Looking forward to more episodes.

Also eye surgery gaaaaaah!!!  I have eye surgery phobia.

EnnerSeptember 25, 2011

Nice show.

Looking at the Nintendo 3DS conference page, the Square Enix game is titled Bravely Default: Flying Fairy. No need to mess with weird 'r's!

CericSeptember 26, 2011

So each segment is done with a 20 minute limit?

oksodaScott Thompson, Associate EditorSeptember 26, 2011

Quote from: Ceric

So each segment is done with a 20 minute limit?

I wouldn't say that it's a "limit" necessarily, just that we are aiming to keep them around the 20 minute mark. Two segments this week go a little longer than 20 minutes. That's just the sweet spot.

Fatty The HuttSeptember 27, 2011

Good episode, like the new format of discreet segements. Looking forward to the expanded "connectivity" ideas.
Thanks, guys!

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