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PGC Staffer wins Play for America Contest

by Mike Sklens - September 10, 2002, 7:11 pm EDT
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Mike Sklens (StrikerObi) entered the Play for America Contest sponsored by Stuff Magazine and Nintendo back in July, and he's a winner!

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Back in July Nintendo and Stuff Magazine teamed up for the Play for America sweepstakes. The contest went like this: Tony Hawk, Dave Mirra, and Kelly Slater each personalized a Game Boy Advance with all kinds of glitter and paint and the like. The three GBAs were then put up as prizes from Stuff Magazine.

I decided to enter the contest on a whim. The GBAs looks pretty neat and all and I figured I wouldn’t win anyway, so why the hell not? I picked the GBA decorated by Kelly Slater, because it looked the coolest. I don’t really watch any extreme sports except for the X-Games when I’m awake in the middle of the night and nothing else is on.

As it turns out, I won. Who would have guessed? I certainly wouldn’t have.

Obi and his l33t GBA

One day in August I got an email from Stuff Magazine saying that I had won. I was pretty excited, but the call from Nintendo a few days later was more exciting. After that there was a lot of me telling everybody and generally gloating that I was going to get a super cool GBA decorated by Kelly Slater Pro Surfer.

Today, I went down to my mailbox and had a nice little note saying I had a package. I went to the office, picked it up, and darted back up to my room. Once inside I opened the package to find the Kelly Slater GBA. This thing is, in a word, slick. It’s decorated to look like a beach and has glitter all around the screen. Plus, it’s also a full functioning unit. Of course, it’s not really meant to be played. Here’re some pictures of me and my brand new GBA.

Obi's GBA on his desk

Backside of the Slater GBA

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