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Justin's Predictions for Tomorrow's Nintendo Direct

by Justin Baker - September 30, 2013, 4:33 pm EDT
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Here we go again!

Here we are once again, less than 24 hours from another Nintendo Direct. I can feel the Pokémon-branded electricity in the air! So, what better time than for me to make outrageous, crackpot predictions!

Now, obviously, we know that Nintendo is going to be talking about their remaining games for 2013, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't be prepared for a surprise or two. I'm nearly positive that Pokémon will dominate a large portion of the event (It's coming!) I'm also hoping for a few more details about Super Mario 3D World. Nintendo needs to show us why we need a Wii U this holiday season instead of Sony or Microsoft's newest offerings.

Wind Waker HD hit the scene recently, but Nintendo knows that we're on the edge of our seats for A Link Between Worlds. I'd bet dollars to donuts that we'll see some lovely screenshots of the game on some shiny new 2DS systems. And, hopefully, Nintendo will have something exciting in the way of eShop releases to tease the more indie-minded among us. With Sony tearing up the indie scene, the Big N will have to throw a little bit of that download weight around with either some indie titles of their own or at least some quality Virtual Console titles.

So, there it is. Mario and Zelda will probably be overshadowed by our favorite Pocket Monsters, and, hopefully, Nintendo shows us what we're going to want to spend all the eShop cards we get for Christmas on.

What do you think Nintendo will show us tomorrow morning? Let us know in the comments below!


BJWanlundSeptember 30, 2013

Here are my own predictions, straight from my own House of Crackpot Theories that I call my brain:

1) Actual Pokemon X & Y hardware bundles coming out October 12th with the actual freaking Pokemon GAMES bundled in.  And there would be 2DS bundles along with 3DS and 3DS XL.

2) More on Mario Party: Island Tour.  We have heard and seen exactly NOTHING since at least E3 on this game and it is (supposedly) coming in about 2 months' time by the time this Nintendo Direct drops tomorrow.

3) The Nintendo Network will finally extend to the 3DS in full.  That means UNIFIED ACCOUNTS and MIIVERSE.  And that means that NNIDs can finally be created on a Web browser on your computer.  Maybe use Club Nintendo for the migration system for the store accounts or something.  It's way since past the time that they did, and I have to be right about this one of these times.

4) And as far as other surprises go?  I think I would enjoy seeing lots of Virtual Console news.  We have yet to hear about what Nintendo has planned for N64 and GBA on the VC... and with GBA I want to see a freaking unified account so I can buy it either on a web browser or on a Wii U or on a 2DS/3DS/3DS XL and I can play those GBA titles on any of those devices that I so choose.  That would be pretty cool IMO.

5) As for my last prediction: probably more Wii U hardware bundles, since the Wind Waker HD bundle has just done gangbusters.  (I think they'll even keep it around instead of making it limited edition / exceedingly hard to find, who knows)

SorenSeptember 30, 2013

I just want an excuse to impulse buy something new on the eShop.

AVOctober 01, 2013

I will be shocked if he doednt show respects tk the former president of Nintendo with at least moment of silence or a quick montage

KhushrenadaOctober 01, 2013

Maybe a bit of info on Yarn Yoshi.

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