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EB's Swanky DK Bonus

by Andrew Brown - May 30, 2013, 4:36 am PDT
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Is "at-TIE-re" too awkward a pun to use?

Not enough for a full Mariobilia feature article, but noteworthy nonetheless is the sweet bonus that came alongside the launch of Donkey Kong Country Returns here in Australia. Those who took the effort to pre-order at EB Games came away with this neat Donkey Kong necktie.

D! K! Donkey, Kong!

The increasing quality of these pre-order bonuses at EB continues the trend with this splendid piece of superfluous fashion sense. It may not be made of fine silk, but it's still very well made. The cloth is shiny and smooth and sure to turn a few heads at gaming conventions and business meetings alike (the latter for possibly the wrong reasons, I won't be held responsible for your boss going ape).

So shiny...

I'm also pleased to announce that the tie is adult sized and certainly not a skimp-out. It's designed to be worn as a proper item of clothing, in fact the packet it comes in warns that the item is not a toy and should not be worn by anyone under 7 years old. The tie measures 148cm long, or 58.23 inches for you metric-challenged people out there.

That's right, kids. Grown-ups can wear silly things too!

And that's pretty much all there is to say, it's an awesome bonus to get free with an awesome game. I'm reluctant to break this one out for any old occasion, it deserves a particular class of nerdy gathering to go on display. What say I take it to E3 with me next weekend?

There are a few more photos in the gallery below. Thanks for reading!



CaterkillerMatthew Osborne, Contributing WriterMay 30, 2013

Please is there no one out there that would part with this?! I can trade some things!

I really really want this tie!

I've seen someone selling them on eBay, that might be your best bet.

nickmitchMay 30, 2013

I would've bought DKCR3D just for this tie. Might not have even played the game (again).

pokepal148Spencer Johnson, Contributing WriterMay 31, 2013

for what i'd use it for (stupid pranks) a cheap knockĀ  off would work fine

but nothing like the real deal imo

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