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Nintendo Pre E3 and E3 Event/Conference Times

by Danny Bivens and James Charlton - June 3, 2012, 5:24 am PDT
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Nintendo has FOUR events planned in the next few days, NWR has all the times and dates for you right here!

The time around E3 marks one of the busiest times of the year for gaming fans and gaming websites all around the globe. To put a little bit more of the "world" into Nintendo World Report, we have prepared these time tables for the various events happening this week. If you are in doubt, check these out below! Also be sure to check out coverage right here on Nintendo World Report!

Pre E3 Nintendo Direct
Day, Time
North America (PDT)Sunday, 3 pm
North America (EDT)Sunday, 6 pm
UTC/GMTSunday, 11 pm
Europe (BST/CET)Monday, 12 am
JapanMonday, 7 am
Australia (AEST)
Monday, 8 am

Nintendo E3 Conference
Day, Time
North America (PDT)Tuesday, 9 am
North America (EDT)Tuesday, 12 pm
UTC/GMTTuesday, 5 pm
Europe (BST/CET)Tuesday, 6 pm
JapanWednesday, 1 am
Australia (AEST)
Wednesday, 2 am

Wii U Developer Roundtable*
Day, Time
North America (PDT)Tuesday, 6 pm
North America (EDT)Tuesday, 9 pm
UTC/GMTWednesday, 2 am
Europe (BST/CET)Wednesday, 3 am
JapanWednesday, 10 am
Australia (AEST)
Wednesday, 11 am

Software Showcase
Day, Time
North America (PDT)Wednesday, 6 pm
North America (EDT)Wednesday, 9 pm
UTC/GMTThursday, 2 am
Europe (BST/CET)Thursday, 3 am
JapanThursday, 10 am
Australia (AEST)
Thursday, 11 am

*A recorded version of the developer discussion with Wii U hardware producer Katsuya Eguchi will air online five and a half hours later.


Spak-SpangJune 03, 2012

I really want that Mario Clock...that is awesome.

famicomplicatedJames Charlton, Associate Editor (Japan)June 03, 2012

That's Reggie's wristwatch. True story.

Time to set my alarm for tomorrow morning, Nintendo direct is at 7am, right before work! Gonna be cutting it close.

Pixelated PixiesJune 03, 2012

I love catching these Nintendo Directs, roundtables, announcements etc. I don't love them enough to stay up to 2am in the morning though.

Aero LeviathanJune 03, 2012

All of those times should say PDT/EDT.

The 'S' in PST/EST means Standard time, which is only used in the winter, except for areas that don't observe daylight saving time (e.g. Arizona).

If this is too much to remember, just use two letters: PT, ET.

NinSageJune 03, 2012

Me : Nintendo Press Events
Mosquito : Blood

Spooky TanukiJune 03, 2012

While I appreciate the sentiment behind the creation of these time tables, I live in Chicago where we use Central Time. I still have to look at these and figure out what time events will take place in my time zone for myself.

ThomasOJune 03, 2012

If the Software Software is at 6PM PST time, shouldn't it be 9PM EST?

SarailJune 03, 2012

Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's a typo. Should be 9pm est.

ToraJune 03, 2012

Wait, it's a quarter to Mario 64! I had to use that one.



FreudianLemurJune 03, 2012

So, will all these be streamable live? If so, where?

Here! (and on Nintendo's various sites)

MataataJune 03, 2012

You guys must really hate Central Standard Time.

TJ SpykeJune 04, 2012

Quote from: Mataata

You guys must really hate Central Standard Time.

Meh, just take the EDT and subtract 1 hour. Don't most TV shows list their times using EDT/PDT only anyways?

gbuellGrant Buell, Staff WriterJune 05, 2012

Yeah, that's the standard. I live in CST and don't get my panties in a bunch.

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