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Better Living Through 3DS

by Nate Andrews - May 28, 2012, 4:10 pm EDT
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Have you guys heard about this thing?

As a writer and editor for a Nintendo-focused site, I have certain responsibilities: stay atop the company's endeavors, keep up with the latest wave of games, have a deep and intimate connection to the hardware, etc. Which is why, a good year after its launch and almost that long after I joined NWR, I picked up a... what are they calling this thing, a 3DS

I'd always meant to grab one, honest. Since the launch, though, I simply found every reason not to. First, it was too expensive, and lacked the games to sweet talk me into purchase. Then I missed the Ambassador boat. Finally, I solemnly decided to duplicate my consumer pattern with the DS, and wait for a sleeker, more robust revision to turn up, sweep me off my feet, and rocket me into Nintendo nirvana. 

As 2012 crept on, though, suppressing the urge to buy became more and more untenable. With an ever-expanding library of retail and downloadable games I felt inclined to dabble in, and frequent furor over titles like Mutant Mudds and Kid Icarus: Uprising, I knew my austerity couldn't last. So when my friend and colleague Scott Thompson let the staff know he had a unit to unload about a month ago, I sprang for it and a copy of Super Mario 3D Land. 

Fortunately, I think it's a fun little machine (and 3D Land is pretty fine, I guess) with some features uncharacteristic of Nintendo (4339-3484-4097—add me!) and plenty of potential. More importantly, though, acquiring the 3DS cleared up my long bout of Nintendo malaise; after sustaining myself for months on the occasional DS (or even Wii) title, I'm genuinely giddy about the crop of games coming down the 3DS pipe, which is more than I've been able to admit for too long. I want to snag ghosts in Luigi's Mansion 2, tap along in Theatrhythm, float and fight in Paper Mario—I want to do chores in Animal Crossing. 

So between the deep roster of upcoming games and the backlog I'll need to curb, I see a plentiful 3DS experience in my future. 

It's good to be on board.  


ToraMay 28, 2012

So you recommend buying one?  I am seriously thinking about it. 

purevalMay 28, 2012

I added you please add me, 2921 9252 1737.

Royeric5May 28, 2012

Add me! Fc:3265 5068 6303

EyothrieMay 28, 2012

Added you!  Here is mine:
Mii: Eyo

NinSageMay 28, 2012

Welcome aboard, NDigity!  PM me if you have any questions on how to better enjoy your stay.  ;D

Trogdor915May 29, 2012

Here's mine: 1461-6209-6335

leahsdadMay 29, 2012

Quote from: Tora

So you recommend buying one?  I am seriously thinking about it. 

Personally, as long as you could afford it, I would recommend buying one at day one, $250.  Or at the eshop launch.  Or at the price drop.  Or today.  Or tomorrow. 

That awesome.

SonofMrPeanutMay 29, 2012


I have Kid Icarus.

ejamerMay 29, 2012

NdIGiTy:  'Grats on joining the 3D revolution!  Hope your love for the system only grows from here out.  Added your friend code, mine is 0001-3482-5503

I still find that there are a limited number of games that I really want to play on the 3DS. DS games take up a lot of my system time since there are plenty of good/cheap DS games available, but the 3DS titles that I lusted after were more than enough to justify the purchase and more "must haves" are on the way.

Now if only a "Monster Hunter in North America" announcement would come out my portable gaming life would be complete...    ;D

Quote from: Tora

So you recommend buying one?  I am seriously thinking about it. 

Getting in on the Ambassador program ensures I have no regrets buying last year, but if looking to buy now I'd strongly consider checking local Craigslist/Kijiji  or watching for sales. Several times in the past 3 months I've seen new 3DS systems selling for $120 in stores, and lightly used ones going for even less than that. If you were on the fence, then it's really hard to say no at those prices!

Pixelated PixiesMay 29, 2012

Despite Super Mario 3D Land and Pullblox being fantastic, I haven't yet fell in love with the 3DS. I've had it from launch and I've enjoyed it enough, but I just need more games.

red14May 29, 2012

And it's for those same reasons that I got a 3ds instead of a PS vita. The lineup of upcoming games are just too nostalgic as well as innovative to miss out for the 3ds. And even though I regret my only chance to play an HD remake of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of liberty (my favorite MGS game >.<), the games on the Vita are just too underwhelming. To me it all comes down to the presentation of games on said video game systems.

cave story 3d, tekken 3d, Kid Icarus, Mario Kart 7, and SM 3d land is what i got so far :]

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