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April 27, 2021

Monster Hunter April Presentation News: Rise 2.0 Tomorrow, Update On Stories 2 Switch

by Donald Theriault - 10:20 am EDT
Discuss in talkback! Source: Capcom

Chameleos isn't the only child of *SPOILERS REDACTED* coming back...

Capcom's Monster Hunter presentation has just wrapped with new information on both Rise content and the July 9-launching Monster Hunter Stories 2.

Monster Hunter Rise

The version 2.0 update will be available tomorrow (April 28) and will add five new monsters: Apex versions of Rathalos (previously... Read more...

Super Mario Party Now Supports Expanded Online Play After Surprise Update Switch

by Willem Hilhorst - 4:02 am EDT
Total comments: 2 Source: Nintendo of America

Someone arrived late to the party.

Seemingly out of nowhere, Super Mario Party has received update version 1.1.0. This new update allows for the Mario Party, Partner Party and Free Play modes to be played online with friends. The online play is restricted to having an Nintendo Switch Online subscription and excludes ten minigames from... Read more...

April 26, 2021

New Pack, Features Coming To Capcom Arcade Stadium Switch

by Donald Theriault - 2:08 pm EDT
Total comments: 1 Source: Capcom

Not quite to the cost of (insert nearest football / baseball stadium here) yet, but give it long enough...

Capcom's Arcade Stadium is continuing to expand over the next few months.

Two optional features will be sold for US$0.99 or equivalent starting on May 25: the "invincibility" mode will make the characters functionally immortal, while "Display Frame Set 1" will provide additional options for the cabinets.


Nintendo Downloads - April 29, 2021 Switch

by Donald Theriault - 8:00 am EDT
Discuss in talkback! Source: Nintendo

If you're going to flame me for the headliner, send it to connectivity@nintendoworldreport.com

It's already been a busy month for NIS America, but they have one more headliner for this week with the long-awaited worldwide release of R-Type Final 2 which is the week's headliner. The latest iteration of the long-standing shooter franchise drops Friday and I, for one, can't wait. (There is a demo if you need convincing.)


April 23, 2021

Monster Hunter Rise April Update Information Coming Tuesday Switch

by Donald Theriault - 7:57 am EDT
Discuss in talkback! Source: Capcom

Along with more details on Stories 2.

The April update for Monster Hunter Rise will be blown out on Tuesday.

Capcom has announced a live stream for Tuesday morning (7 a.m. PT, 10 a.m. ET) to provide information on the 2.0 version update for the game. The update will add new monsters - already revealed are the elder dragon Chameleos... Read more...

April 22, 2021

New Pokemon Snap-Inspired Photo Printers Coming For Switch Switch

by Donald Theriault - 6:22 pm EDT
Discuss in talkback! Source: Fujifilm

All the fun of having a photo station without the trips to that one last Blockbuster.

For those who want to get a hard copy of their New Pokemon Snap pics, there will be an opportunity from Fujifilm.

The camera company has announced a special photo printer with Switch compatibility that will use a smartphone app to get the photos from the Switch. Launching on April 30 - the same... Read more...

Ys IX Washing Onto Switch Shores July 6 Switch

by Donald Theriault - 9:15 am EDT
Discuss in talkback! Source: NIS America

Hey, remember when July was the dead zone?

NIS America originally promised a Q3 release dates for Ys IX on Switch, and they're getting it out of the way early.

The sequel to 2018's action RPG hit will finally land on Switch July 6. Set in a prison city, Adol Christian has to overcome a curse where his dreams are becoming reality.

A new trailer for the game's release is available:


April 21, 2021

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles To Be Arraigned On July 27 Switch3DS

by Donald Theriault - 11:16 am EDT
Discuss in talkback! Source: Capcom

"Ten wacky adventures" sounds like a lot of legal BS to wade through.

Capcom is returning to court this summer with some previously never-localized adventures.

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, a compilation of the Dai Gyakuten Saiban (The Great Ace Attorney) 3DS games, will come to Switch on July 27. The package will include eight additional short stories, two... Read more...

April 20, 2021

Luigi Gets Bricked In New LEGO Set

by Donald Theriault - 7:11 am EDT
Discuss in talkback! Source: Nintendo

With friends like these, who needs enemies?

Mario may have passed on, but his brother is picking up the torch.

A LEGO starter course for Luigi has been revealed for preorders, and they are expected to arrive around August 1. The interactive course features cameos from Yoshi and Boom Boom, as well as Luigi reactions to events.

The Mario set recently received an update in which Mario began to call for Luigi, which set the reveal up. The trailer can be seen below:


April 19, 2021

Nintendo Downloads - April 22, 2021 Switch

by Donald Theriault - 8:00 am EDT
Discuss in talkback! Source: Nintendo

Three more Atelier games this week - is the entire series on Switch yet?

The headlining Dugtrio this week is not one, not two, but three Atelier games as Atelier Firis, Sophie, and Lydie & Suelle DX come to Switch all together. (Note that a bundle is available for them on discount where you'd save $30 US or equivalent.) Someone call James. Other examples of old games... Read more...

April 16, 2021

Yu-Gi-Oh! Amiibo Cards to be Released in Japan Alongside New Rush Duel Title 3DSSwitch

by Willem Hilhorst - 12:41 pm EDT
Total comments: 3 Source: SiliconEra, Yu-Gi-Oh! Organization

Someone please hide my wallet

Konami announced today that it will release Yu-Gi-Oh Rush Duel: Saikyou Battle Royale!! (say that three times fast) in Japan on August 12, 2021. This game will be based on a format of the trading card game that has not been released outside of Japan yet called Rush Duels. These cards are similar to... Read more...

Nintendo Sales Panic: March 2021 US NPD Group Results Switch

by Donald Theriault - 9:24 am EDT
Discuss in talkback! Source: NPD Group

The first quarter brought in a lot of zenny.

In a longer sales period, the Switch and third party releases were the big winners in the latest NPD Group survey.

All data is based on dollar sales from February 28 - April 3 unless noted, and includes digital sales for all but Nintendo and Sega/Atlus.

The Switch's best-selling system streak...

April 15, 2021

Sky: Children of the Light Soars onto Switch this Summer

by Jordan Rudek - 1:24 pm EDT
Discuss in talkback! Source: thatgamecompany

The free-to-start "social adventure" game arrives in June.

Originally debuting on the Apple AppStore before also coming to Google Play, Sky: Children of the Light is coming to Switch this June. Developed by thatgamecompany, whose previous works include Journey, Flower, and Flow, their latest title will bring cross-play between mobile and console, with more details coming ahead of launch.


Skate City Grinds Onto Switch This May Switch

by John Rairdin - 12:46 pm EDT
Discuss in talkback! Source: Snowman

Apple Arcade exclusive makes the jump to Switch!

2.5D skateboarding game, Skate City will arrive on Switch (and other major platforms) on May 6. Skate City is the most recent title to leave Apple Arcade exclusivity.

Originally released on Apple Arcade at the end of 2019, Skate City has received positive reviews. Skate City features three playable... Read more...

April 14, 2021

Bullet Hell And RPG Hybrid Archvale Blasting Onto Switch In Summer Switch

by Donald Theriault - 1:20 pm EDT
Discuss in talkback! Source: Humble Games

If you get one level for a bullet this is going to get Disgaea pretty quickly.

Humble Games will be publishing a unique mix of genres on Switch this summer.

Archvale is a combination of overhead bullet hell shooter and RPG that will release on Switch in the next few months. A trailer for the game is available here:


Oxenfree II Headlines First Indie World Of 2021 Switch

by Donald Theriault - 1:05 pm EDT
Total comments: 3 Source: Nintendo

Or should we say OlliOlli Oxenfree?

A full slate of upcoming Switch titles were revealed in today's first Indie World showcase. Aside from the games that are out today, companies big and small showed games headed to Switch over the next year.

Aerial_Knight's Never Yield is a music-based runner featuring an international soundtrack and... Read more...

Fez Among Indie World Shadow Drops Switch

by Donald Theriault - 12:30 pm EDT
Discuss in talkback! Source: Nintendo

Try not to spoil the surprises for yourself.

As is tradition, today's Indie World show announced a group of games that will be available later today.

The most famous of the three is FEZ, originally released in April 2012 on Xbox 360 and coming later today to Switch. The perspective-flipping puzzle platformer was known for its many mysteries that in some cases took several years to solve.


Picross S6 Heading to Switch in Late April Switch

by Neal Ronaghan - 11:00 am EDT
Discuss in talkback!

Also a quick update on Picross S: Mega Drive & Mark III Edition.

Picross S6 is coming to the Nintendo Switch worldwide on April 22. The new release features 485 puzzles across different modes, including standard Picross, Mega Picross, and Color Picross. If you have play data from Picross S, S2, or S3, you can also unlock large extra puzzles.

Developer Jupiter...

April 13, 2021

Blizzard Arcade Collection Adds New Games And Features In Update Switch

by Donald Theriault - 3:56 pm EDT
Discuss in talkback! Source: Activision

The collection got 66% bigger.

The Blizzard Arcade Collection has added new games for free along with some new items for the existing games.

Added as brand new games are The Lost Vikings 2 (1997), aka "Lost Vikings 2: Norse by Norsewest" and a sequel to the original puzzle platformer that offers new abilities and two new characters, and RPM Racing (1991) which was claimed to be the first US-developed game for the Super NES.


First Indie World Of 2021 Airing April 14

by Donald Theriault - 12:07 pm EDT
Discuss in talkback! Source: Nintendo

This week was way too quiet to begin with.

Nintendo will be declaring a host of independents tomorrow.

2021's first Indie World presentation will begin at noon Eastern time, 9 a.m. Pacific, and 1800 CET. The presentation will run for roughly 20 minutes.

Prior years have seen the first Indie World / Nindie Showcase air in March around... Read more...


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